Natural Make Up: Jenulence Mineral Make Up Review

I was sent this set of mineral make up from Jenulence make up a while ago to try – a Mineral Foundation, Finishing Powder and Powder Blusher.

jenulence mineral foundation powder blusher products.jpg

I have yet to find a Mineral Foundation product that I love – the closest thing I have is the Susan Posnick ColorFlo (although its pretty expensive).

They say:

Our mineral makeup and all-natural skincare products are ideal for those with chemical sensitivities, sensitive or sun-damaged skin and for anyone who is health-conscious and would like to use non-toxic natural skincare and cosmetics.

jenulence mineral foundation powder blusher.jpg

The ingredients in this make up is pretty pure – no nasty dyes additives or bismuth oxychloride which makes some ladies itch.

I tried the foundation in Neutral Tan which is just about right:

jenulence mineral foundation powder.jpg

The foundation/concealer doubles up as two products in one – a thin layer for foundation, and more layers to use it as concealer.I did think that this mineral foundation was quite easy and nice to blend. It did look a bit heavy on me at first – so yes, a thin layer is all you need if you want a light coverage.

The foundation on my skin – its still quite glowy:

jenulence mineral foundation base.jpg

This is the finishing powder which looks white but blends away quite nicely. This gave my make up a smoother, matte finish:

jenulence foundation mineral powder.jpg

The blusher in Cranberry – not a shade I would pick for myself as its overly red/brown but it looked fine on and its highly pigmented.

Didn’t have any allergies with this make up in the end:

jenulence blush powder mineral.jpg

Finished – Foundation + Powder + Blush:

jenulence mineral foundation powder-1.jpg

The product was nice to use although liquid is still my first choice because my skin is quite dry. The result is quite smooth, the products covered my pores and made my complexion brighter. If you like mineral foundations the Jenulence range is well worth a look.

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  1. tigerslovepepper says

    I like mineral foundation (summer is coming), and I think this one, as you said, worth a look. But I’m so sick of customs problems buying from overseas website that I’d love to find a good one here in Europe.
    As usual, thanks for the rave.

  2. jaffra says

    Hey Row, i don’t know if you’re getting my emails through the ‘contact’ page so i thought i’d add a comment here. On my browser (Windows 7 running the latest firefox), the body of your blog overlaps the ‘cosmetic candy’ banner at the top. The toolbar ‘home. features. events etc’ is up so high that it cuts the ‘Candy’ off ‘Cosmetics Candy’ and partially obscures your twitter and RSS feed buttons at the top.

    It doesnt effect my viewing and the new layout is gorgeous but i thought you should know :)

    Also, if you’re not getting my emails through the contact box then I should let you know that there’s a new Missha BB Cream Shade for NC35-7 girls! I’ve heard that there’s no grey/white – just a perfect match 😀 😀 😀