Natural Goodness: Too Faced Chocolate Galaxy Glam Shadows

I am a big big fan of the Too Faced Galaxy Glam Eyeshadows, which I think are better than the likes of MAC Mineralized shadow in terms of pigment and texture. They range is very bright and very bold though, so when I was in Boots the other day I noticed they had a muted selection of colours in the Galaxy Glam family!

Cocoa and Mocha were from a range called the ‘Chocolate’ range. Amber Asteroid wasn’t but seems to me to be from that same nude but shimmer family palette.

These shadows are cute to look like – two shades mixed together, making them look like planets (hence ‘Galaxy’). In these 3 eyeshadows, the lighter areas are duo chrome so you can end up with all sorts of results.

Amber Asteroid:

too faced metor galaxy glam amber asteroid-1.jpg

This was my first choice – its a gorgeous warm brown chocolate with green/yellow swirled in. You can basically control how much colour you want in there – if you want more brown, get your colour from the brown bits.

Want more green, get your colour from the green bits.

Cocoa Comet:

too faced galaxy glam in cocoa comet-3.jpg

Cocoas Comet is more of a rich brown with an orange but also blue undertone. One of the more sparkly shadows, its very wearable, a nice day look shadow with a twist for me.

Mocha Metor:

I probably picked a bad one here because there isn’t much swirl annoyingly enough.

Mocha Metor (or is has a peach edge going through the brown. Its probably my lease favourite of the three but its still ok looking.

too faced mocha metor galaxy glam-1.jpg

Its worth bearing in mind – each shadow from this range will look different depending on how its swirled. Generally I pick ones that have at least 50% of the lighter colour too because then I can just use the shadow on its own without taking a highlighter.

These shadows are also very soft and if you drop them they will shatter, so be careful!

too faced galaxy glam-1-1.jpg

Now – these shadows are not as pigmented as the original range, so be aware of this. They are more medium pigmented and have a soft edge but are perfect for every day shadows with a twist.

Amber Asteroid is my favourite, a warm, light brown with lots of mossy green highlights – gorgeous!

These shadows are £12 each and you can buy them in Boots or Debenhams.

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