Nars Trio Eyeshadow in Arabian Nights (Purple Black Sparkles!) Swatches, Review

Before I went away a few weeks ago, I paid a visit to the Nars counter.  The second I saw their new trio (Limited Edition) Arabian Nights my heart went BOOM CHICKA BOOM BOOM.

Nars Trio Eyeshadow in Arabian Nights The Multiple in G Spot Swatches

Because it had a few elements I really love when it comes to make up.

Black – Check. Glitters – Check.  Soft Textures – Check.

Only when I got home did I think, huh – how do I use this wildly impractical palette?

So Arabian Nights goes like this:

Nars Trio Eyeshadow in Arabian Nights The Multiple in G Spot Swatches 1

It is not for the faint hearted, it is not for people who want a natural look. Why dry and blend a palette like this out? Wear it strong, baby!

From left to right, all three shadows have a black base – shade 1 has rose coloured glitter, shade 2 has purple infused glitter and shade 2 has silver glitters.

The pigment is as soft as BUTTA, and I mean fake I can’t believe it’s not butter, which is way softer than real butter.  Shade 3 is the lest creamy, it is actually quite grainy.

When swatched directly on to the fingers, you can see how rich and pigmented the shades are:
Nars Trio Eyeshadow in Arabian Nights The Multiple in G Spot Swatches

The first 2 are gorgeous!

However when swatched on the hand perhaps, there is a more of a realistic look at the finish. The black sticks and the glitter doesn’t adhere as well. You need to really pat it in to get the high glitter finish and ideally use a sticky primer or cream shadow. Obviously they are all samey, so I see this as a really full on smoky party eye OR an eyeliner palette.  It has to be used with other colours, really.

Nars Trio Eyeshadow in Arabian Nights The Multiple in G Spot Swatches 1


Nars Trio Eyeshadow in Arabian Nights The Multiple in G Spot Swatches 2

I think I paid £33 for this trio- I have no regrets, it’s limited edition and these kinds of shades to excite me.  Having said that its not everyones cup of tea, but I like how bold it is and the textures are better, I think, than most of the Night Series shadows even if it still takes some work getting the glitter to stick.

Would you buy this?

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  1. I bought this recently, and blogged about it yesterday – it’s a *nightmare* to work with. But I don’t regret it, when you do finally manage to get the colours to translate from the pan to your eye, it’s well worth it! xx

  2. I really love dark/bold colours like this! I’m really lusting after the Nars holiday collection though, it’s so gorgeous!

    • Hi Abeer

      I know what you mean..if you love black based shadow like me, this palette is a must! Even if its just to look at!

  3. Very drool-worthy! I passed on this one, because I already have some dark shadows and don’t use them that often….

  4. That purple is stunning, the difficulty in getting it to stick is what has put me off NARS Night Series shadows before, might have to swatch when I’m next near a NARS counter!

  5. I really liked the purple shade… its very bold…

  6. I really like the purple shade, they’re all perfect shades for the upcoming Xmas partay season 😉

  7. I passed on this trio, got the duo instead. While the colors are amazing in the trio I was worried about application which most blogs are complaining about. However, to fill my glitter void left by this palette I picked up the Cargo Metallico Eyes Palette. All the glitter love with none of the fallout or grit plus twice the color when used wet. <3

    • Hi GF

      Ah I see! In hindsight now I haven’t used Arabian nights again and yet, I couldn’t have NOT bought it! I am such a sucker!

      I can’t seem to buy cargo near me?

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