Nars, The Multiple

The Nars Website has some info on the history of The Multiple. It is a multi use product for lips, cheeks and eyes.

In 1996 Harper’s Bazaar did a story featuring six of the top makeup artists of the time. The direction for each was to pick their favorite model, pick their favorite look and the magazine would credit every product used.
Carolyn Murphy was the choice of François Nars. François was inspired to showcase beautiful, translucent looking skin – a departure from the heavily matted skin in fashion at the time. François choose to use a single lipstick on eyes, cheeks and lips to add a touch of color and a healthy glow. Nothing else was added.
NARS was credited with exactly the one product. The caption read: “NARS Brown Out – Tangier Lipstick on eyes, face and lips”
Soon customers started buying lipstick for eyes, face and lips to re-create the beautiful skin they’d seen in Harper’s Bazaar, but we all know that lipstick is not the best for face and eyes. This led François to create a universal texture – The Multiple was born. A revolutionary stick for the entire face in a cream-to-powder formula that was oil-free.

The single image which transformed an industry:

Some on my collection:

Do people still honestly wear lipstick on cheeks and eyes? It reminds me of when I first started wearing make up and some bright spark told me that Vaseline was a good base for eyeshadows (because that won’t CREASE in 2 seconds). In an absolute emergency I would stick a bit of lippie on my cheeks I guess, but it would have to be an emergency, and I would have to resemble a corpse.

Anyway, there was a time when I worshipped The Multiple. Palm Beach is one of the only products I have ever finished. At £27 in the UK, it is very expensive. It does last for a long time, but then as a cream product, how long do you want it to last for? Untill maggots start to climb out of it?

Some of the bestsellers:

Because I fell so madly in love with Palm Beach (which I don’t really like anymore – too old goldy), I purchased quite a few more. I own:

Orgasm – A pinky-gold peach, very nice.

Cannes – Copper Rose, a bit dated really.

Palm Beach – A true bronze, good if you want that gold glow look.

Portfino – A pink with hint of peach? Its a nice warm universal pink, for me anyway.

Copacobana – A silvery white highlighter.

Maldives – A light pinky shimmer, a highlighter for medium toned girls like me.

Malibu – A browny rose. Once again for me a bit dull.

Rivera – A sheer pink, cool compared to Portfino. I barely every use this but I am sure it will look good for the summer.

I really want – South Beach (Apricot) and Mustique (Peach).

The texture of Multiples is quite greasy – in the past it has caused a few spots on my cheek, but since my skin got drier, it suits it more. I suppose the greasy texture also makes it better for lip application (I would say this is primarily a lip and cheek product as opposed to eyes?).

The stick has an extremely irritating thing, where if you twist the whole stick up (like, just to see how much product you have!) it locks and from that point onwards, you can’t twist it back down and you have to push it with your finger. So do NOT twist the whole thing up because it is not fun getting it in your nail when you push it down.

Also for a multi use product is a bit chunky – it would be a nice item to carry round but I dont see how you can carry more than two around without losing a lot of space in your make up bag.

All in all I don’t particuraly recommend this product for very oily ladies but it is a nice nifty item to have. It is far to expensive in my opinon, and I would look to horrible Ebay for some bargains…

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  1. MandyPandy says

    Hmmm… Well, I guess I can cross this is off my list, then; I have rather dry skin, which used to be clear, but ever since I started taking thyroid hormone, I’ve been developing spotty skin. Like, ‘Lily Allen’ spotty. Ewww!