Nars Swatches Winter 2008 Collection

As reported last week, I made a killer haul at Nars. Oh, be still my beating heart. It was an amazing haul and make over, if I don’t say so meself.

Haulage piccies now!


Blade Runner, is a deep shimmery green and warm copper. I have loved this for a long time:

The new duo is Jolie Poupee. A true purple at last!

Solo Shadows:

Night Life. This is a SUPER glittery silver with lots of silvery particles. Like an explosion, if you like. This one is part of the NIGHT SERIES, super metallic shadows in the Nars range.

This shadow is not that pigmented and it’s not that soft – that’s the truth. It is however, like a sprinking of shimmer. It helps if you brush the surface a little first to loosen the glitter, then over a sticky cream base it’s super funky, dah-ling. Think of it as a topping.

The other super glittery solo is Silent Night (not part of the Night Series).

Once again, metallic, but not that pigmented and not that soft. It is not as much as a explosion as the the silver one but it’s a nice highlighter. Once again, use a creamy sticky base of this will disappear like that! I love gold so this is a nice addition but i you want something madly pigmented and gold, this isn’t it. Once again a topping.

Nail Polish in Orgasm.

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People are right – Orgasm is an amazing peachy pink and the Orgasm lipgloss is underrated, its the perfect pretty lip gloss. But come on?! Doesn’t anyone else feel a bit stupid sometimes asking for an Orgasm at the Make Up Counter? Don’t even get me started on Deep Throat.

Pretty, medium sheer peachy gold. Totally wearable colour. I got a Nars nail set for cheap off ebay which has a slightly smaller version of the base, top coat and a red polish. It lasted me a week which was pretty amazing because I use my hands a lot and even a Nails Inc manicure will last 3 days, tops.

The other Nars polish I have had my eye on forever, is Schaip! There is a matching lipstick too, a hot bright pink, gorgeous.

Super Orgasm Blusher:

Not a great picture, sorry, but it’s basically a more pigmented and glittery gold version of the original orgasm. I mean there are super chunks of glitter in this.

If you don’t like glitter on your cheeks you won’t like this. I love it cos I love a bit of sparkle!

Lip Stuff – I got Roman Holiday Velvet Matte lip pencil:

Love this – it’s a candy pink.

Now, with Risky Business lip gloss on top it’s AMAZING> Risky Business is described as a Persimmon on the the website.

See the lip combo here.

The new anti aging foundation –

The technique to application is rub it in then pat. It gives a matte yet glowy finish and medium, good coverage. I like it a lot so far – I like a good foundation that isn’t too sheer. :)

So that’s everything, I think. I adore the new duo, the lipgloss and the blusher the most. Anything from this collection you want to get too?

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  1. Chica says

    I don’t want to say it Row..but I hate you. Ahhhh the jealousy! You’ve definitely persuaded me to buy Blade Runner though, I’ve stared at it longingly a few times but resisted the buy. 😀 x x

  2. says

    I’m not so crazy about the name ‘Super Orgasm'; it gives the blush too much to live up to. I do, however, love Jolie Poupee and Silent Night (the colors, not the names, which are truly bizarre).

  3. Row says

    Hey pandy

    Well I wouldn’t say super orgasm is worth of a super orgasm – ahem. I am waiting for Nars to release the Dirty Sanchez and Hot Carl*

    *I learn these things from South Park you understand