Nars Summer Haul

Being a Nars girl at heart, I was happy to be fleeced by my local counter, especially since my favourite Make Up gal, Leena, was on. (I don’t suppose many of you live in Manchester, England, but if you ever get to go to Nars in Selfridges, ask for Leena cos she knows how to apply make up. She really really does.)

Anyway, I picked up some goodies from the collection, Exotica.

The colours are dark and dramatic – not very summery, but this was the look for Versace apparently.

Eyeshadow – Galapolapolapolapolapogus

Similar to the night series lot, this is a super glittery, shimmer shadow. I ADORE it! The texture is gritty because it is so glittery but it works very well patted, not brushed on. Its a super hot poo coloured warm brown, with gold flecks. I can imagine this suits most colourings.

Unconditional Love Cream Duo:

It smells nice. Don’t ask me why, this one just does.

I am not so sure. Now, in the UK you sniff it, its yours and you can never take it back…so thats that. This combo is a bizare matte mint blue-ice and a sheer goldy tint. It actually looks quite nice on the eye with nothing else but NARS cream shadows crease to buggery, so you must put shadow on top to set it.

Its just a bit of a weird combo for me. I am thinking that I can try and use it as a everyday base, the mint on the brow, inner corners and as a liner (instead of a white one) and the gold all over the lid.

This due should be called, ‘If you buy me, you have to keep me.’

Velvet Matte Pencil in Dolce Vita:

I haven’t had much luck with these cos I have dry lips as it is, but what the hell. I didnt like the way this looked in the pencil but on the lips, its a lovely, flattering rose – never had the lip stick version so I am not sure which texture I prefer but this one feels quite soft and moisturizing.

I tried on Roman Holiday too and I love that, a cool bubble gum pink. These pencils are great as a base too to my shimmery glosses – no doubt increasing their lasting power.

All in all –

I like it all! I am not swayed completely by Unconditional Love but it may take some time. Now I have a new interest in the velvet matte pencils, I want it in Roman Holiday and Belle De Jour!

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  1. petitebelle says

    I was just at Sephora today and checked out the new NARS stuff. I have to agree, that Unconditional Love duo is so strange! Strangest color pairing ever, and I can’t imagine what that greenish color could be used for. Maybe you can think up of something creative!

  2. Row says

    Hey Petitebelle

    I have been using the bronzy side as a base and the minty side as an inner waterline highlighter. It works, it just doesnt last very long. Damm my weakness!

  3. Leena says

    uncondional love is fab use the pinkish side all over your lid and it looks fab on your cheeks!

    use this mint side inside the rim of your lower eye (your waterline) instead of using a harsh white eyeliner the result is natural fresh looking bright eyes!