Nars Spring Summer 2009

Yeah! There’s nothing like a new Nars Collection to get us salivating.

Well…let’s just say it looks…brave.

NARS Cosmetics.jpg
NARS Cosmetics-1.jpg

Let’s investigate!

Pastel Duos:

New makeup - NARS-1.jpg

Hula looks nice but I’m not hot on pastels.

Blush Duo

New makeup - NARS-2.jpg

Bit of a highlighting duo but I this this is super pretty and a must have.


New makeup - NARS-3.jpg

Night Sun looks nice, but there was a gold in the Winter Collection too which I bought already. I do really love my yellows though – Baby girl looks nice too. Grenadines I think, will be the key shadow for the Nars look but I am terrified of it – Matte Garnet! EEK! When done right it could look hot but I have to say, I’m not holding my hopes up.

However, Leena J. who is my local Nars artiste is brilliant, and if anyone can convince me it will be her.

New makeup - NARS-4.jpg

I already have a bronzer, Malaysia so I won’t need this. I use the bronzer everyday, its a great contour.

New makeup - NARS-5.jpg

Raspberry? I don’t know. I’m not a Raspberry girl, but once I’ve tried it on my mind could be changed. Sweet Revenge just seems hot anyway.

New makeup - NARS-6.jpg

Cool! I would like Custard/Ginger concealer but I have concealer up to my eyeballs and my goal is to actually finish something this year.

Ok so without seeing anything my want list is:

Hungry Heart Blush
Night Sun Eyeshadow
Hula Hula Duo
Possibly Egea – depends if the lilac side dark enough
Shringar Lipstick
Sweet Revenge gloss

Oh wait, that’s everything. ARGH!

What would you pick – just three items!

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  1. Elizabeth says

    I love the idea of the shringar lipstick – I’ve been mixing eyeshadow of a similiar colour from MACs antiquitease palette with lip balm, so a metallic version and in actual lipstick form (and not a tramp version) makes me happy! But would have to win the lottery first! Hula Hula is lovely, everything else does not inspire much. The collection photo is bloody horrible! Matte garnet eyelids? No thank you, I slap on a load of products every morning to avoid looking like I’ve crept from the grave not to enhance it.

    • Row says

      Hey Elizabeth

      I am also NOT convinved…Matte garnet eyes! its so hard to imagine. You could force yourself to wear it, whilst thinking all the time, a nice brown would have been better!

  2. Ana Marta says

    Hi Row :-)

    This is the one spring collection that’s making me salivate… even though I am affraid that Hula turns out to be a soft Brazil and Egea might be similar to Habanera… But since Habanera is one of my favourite NARS duos (up there with Starsailor, Jolie Poupee and Persepolis) I might cave in… But if they were similar and I could only chose 3 items I’d probably have: Baby Girl eyeshadow, Hungry Heart blush duo and Shringar lipstick (if the texture is similar to the most recent lipsticks which are divine!!).

    I wish there was such a talented MA in the London Selfridges NARS counter, I find them a bit uptight and trying to rush you. But the ladies at RMK are lovely, and since I’m loving that collection too (I’m a sucker for pastels and ethereal colors) if they’re mean at NARS I’ll just walk a few steps and try RMK :-)

    Please do post when you get the makeover!! Your pictures always look gorgeous!! It was your makeover that made me buy the Holiday palette :-)


    • Row says

      Hey Ana

      Habanera is ALSO one of my faves! Snap! Also agree the new Nars lippies have been divine, the older one not so much – quite drying. RMK is stunning too this season – decisions decisions! I would definately check out RMK lipstick c’s since that is the best textured lipstick, ever.

      I will have to go to Nars and see what they do with me. I like the experimentation, for sure 😀

    • Row says

      Pandy! Daniel Radcliffe….how disturbing. I don’t want Harry Potter advertising my make up, thanks!

  3. Li says

    Hula Hula , Shringar, and Hungry Heart. Baby Girl and Night Sun are gorgeous but you said just three right? ;D

  4. Leena says

    hey guys come on i think the pic is hauntingly beautiful and dont knock grenadine we played with it at training it is 2 die 4!!!! pair with kaliste eyeliner its sumptious!!! and looks great as a contour with any of the colours!! Rowena you so need 2 pay me a visit on feb the 1st, and guys we have national stylist events on the 13th and 14th of feb and at the end of feb as well, 25 booking fee redeemable against purchase ont he day as well as a gift, call 01618380649 for more info!