Nars Some Like It Hot Lip Palette – LE in Selfridges is not that Hot

A few weeks ago, before Nars screwed me over, I was in Selfridges and treated myself to two Selfridges specials – a lip set and a palette (which I will review later but it is quite boring).  

The lip set I got is called ‘Some Like It Hot’ – one of my favourite Jack Lemmon films!  

Nars Some Like It Hot Lip Palette LE in Selfridges 2

I couldn’t resist this kit when I saw it was all nudes.  This contains two travel sized products and one full sized – a mini Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bettina, a Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in Gold Digger and Sheer Lipstick in Pago Pago. I don’t own any of these so it seemed like a good investment at £35. 

With this set you also get a black bag with NARS written on it which make you look like you are an employee of the company. It’s also really thin so I wouldn’t pile to much into it but I guess it’d be ok as a supermarket bag for life…but still…you look like a Nars employee. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but they could’ve put some element of design into it!

Anyway – the products:

Bettina Pencil Pago Pago Lipstick Nars Some Like It Hot Lip Palette LE in Selfridges 1

I didn’t think that I owned any of these colours. I just went to Google Bettina and found MY OWN SWATCH.  I clearly have too much make up. FFS.

Nars lip products to me, are the weakest part of their collection, although there are some gems I prefer their eyeshadows, blushers and base products to the lip stuff. 

Bettina is a a nude mauvey livery shade. By livery, I mean the kind of thing that Angelina Jolie would wear. I don’t like it, it’s not a sexy nude, just more of a lifeless nude. 

Pago Pago (now I am positive I don’t own this!) is a sheer finish nudey rose.  

Nars Some Like It Hot Lip Palette LE in Selfridges Pago Pago Bettina Gold Differ 1

I was super excited about it because it’s infused with silver shimmer throughout and I love me some shimmer on the lips. However – I have realised that it doesn’t show up at all on my lips – it’s quite pointless as it’s not glossy, and it adds no pigment, and the pretty shimmer doesn’t show up much unless I am going to walk around with a permanent flashlight pointing at my lips (An example of a good silver shimmer in a nude is Shu Uemura – I have their supreme shine in BG911 – it’s pale but the shimmer looks stunning outdoors). 

Gold Digger is the kind of gloss I would’ve loved a few years ago but have outgrown. It’s a very glittery yellow gold gloss. I do like a bit of glitter, and I even like MAC dazzle glass because they tend to chunk is a different hue of glitter in there. I found this a little dull despite the shine.


Nars Some Like It Hot Lip Palette LE in Selfridges 1 1

All three together, it looks a bit heavy. 

I have just put the pencil and lipstick on in this picture. In context to my whole face, I find it a bit too ‘dead’ and nothing special.


Bettina Velvet Pencil Pago Pago Lipstick Nars 1

I should’ve stuck to Nars’ glorious hot pinks; Schiap and Yu (in the pencil).  These Nars nudes do nothing for me!

You can still buy this set now at Selfridges. There’s also a wine based trio which in hindsight, would’ve been far more interesting then this set. I also prefer Nars’ yellow based nudes (such as Honolulu Honey) and would’ve preferred it if they put together a set based on that.

What do you think of these colours?


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