NARS Puerto Vallarta Multiple Review

I collect Nars Multiple sticks (that’s my excuse) although the last few releases haven’t been inspiring – berries and weird pinkish toned highlighters aren’t for me. 

When I saw NARS Puerto Vallarta, a ‘tangerine’ I squealed because I am a huge fan of oranges and corals.  It’s been a while since Nars have done a bright multiple! I ordered this from the website;

NARS Puerto Vallarta Multiple Review

Multiples are quite expensive at £30 but to be fair I have never ever been able to finish one so at least they last a good while.  

When I opened this up, I wasn’t sure – the colour is definitely a orange-coral but quite a ‘milky’ orange with shimmer in there.  The problem with that is that milky colours sometimes disappear on my skin tone and I did not pay £30 for something to just melt away…

NARS Puerto Vallarta Multiple Review 1

The texture of Multiples have improved over the years – I remember my first ones required a bit of warming to get going and over time would harden slightly.  This one was quite waxy in texture but spread easily and feels creamy on the skin without too much effort – I like!

This is a swatch- you can see it is quite pigmented and really quite an unusual shade; it’s orange but not too deep, it touches on peach too and has a fine gold to it;

NARS Puerto Vallarta Multiple Review 3

I love this colour on my cheeks and even on the lips.  I do naturally love peaches and oranges though to be fair so this was always going to be an easy sell for me. I just think it brightens the face and is still quite summery and interesting.  If you dislike oranges…but like peaches….I don’t know.  This is very much in the orange camp so I can’t say you’d like this.  I think it suits slightly olive/tan skin tones pretty well…

NARS Puerto Vallarta Multiple Review 2


I love this and I like multiples especially at the moment I am so lazy with applying make up day to day.  I hope Nars release more bright, interesting multiples soon! (but not too soon, they cost too much). 

Would you wear tangerine?

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