Nars Pleasures of Paris Palette (Douceurs de Paris) Review & Swatches

Now on to my third palette this week for review; Pleasures of Paris / Douceurs de Paris.  As mentioned in previous posts, I collect these Nars artists palettes, and I do really like them for their handy size and usually – winning combinations.  

As always Nars features colours from other Duos or Solos.  I quite like how they do this as generally – not always – they pick the stronger colour of the duos! 

Nars Pleasures of Paris Palette

Pleasures of Paris is a mixture of browns and purple-y hues. I already own a few of the colours; Fez and Cordura.  

Oh! Also Nars artists palettes have a reference number this one is 9951.  I have noticed that with fake palettes on eBay sometimes they give them names but no reference numbers…it’s something to bear in mind. If a palette really exists a quick google should bring up results.

Nars Pleasures of Paris Palette 1

Nars Pleasures of Paris Palette 3

To be blunt, I don’t really think this palette is nearly as pleasing to use as I first thought. 

The shades on the top row, Nepal (tan) Violette (dusty mauve), Demon Lover (darker purple) are currently right up my street as I love purple, but its a bit…dull.  I don’t like Nepal in this set at all. 

The bottom row has Fez (warm brown bronze), Abyssinia (Beige – I would NEVER actively buy this as it’s dull but it’s a great addition to a palette) and Cordura (brown with glittery bits.  A very dark bitter brown). I love this shade and to be frank, if I didn’t already have Cordura, just the presence of this colour would be enough for me. 

Nars Pleasures of Paris Palette Swatches

Ingredients:Nars Pleasures of Paris Palette 2


I get where this palette is going, because it is elegant and there are some winners in there (Fez, Cordura, Demon Lover) but I am not sure I am knocked out by it when it’s all put together. However I am a collector of these and I’d put this somewhere in the middle of my Nars palettes – not brilliant but definitely not awful.

I got this from, for £39.50. 

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