Nars Phillip Lim Limited Edition Palette

When it gets to winter, I don’t know why but I am attracted to the rich and luxurious colours of Nars.

As I mentioned here, Nars is my favourite counter at the moment and imagine my surprise when I popped in and they told me they had some lovley limited edition palettes (Nars doesn’t normally do LE – which is quite admirable, cos god knows thousands of women rush out to buy things specifically because they are LE). Although the palette is LE, the colours aren’t so if you love it, you can always purchase the shade later.

The most notable is the Nars Night Series Palette – here’s a reminder:


Night Star (sheer peach with gold glitter), Night Snow (new shade – sheer white with silver glitter), Night Fever (black with red glitter), Night Clubbing (black with gold glitter), Night Rider (new shade – soft plum with silver glitter), and Night Fairy (pale violet with gold glitter).


Bit scratchy, Needs a cream base and a bit of elbow grease this palette. I like the fact they put new colours in this, like Night Snow and Night Rider.

Then, there is my J Mendel Lip Palette:


Lip Lacquers in Chica Boom (sheer grape purple), Chastity (shimmering mauve), and Galactica (sheer pearlized white), and .03 oz Lipsticks in Dolce Vita (sheer dusty rose), Scarlet Empress (semi matte blue red), and Viridiana (rich burgundy).

Review: Well, I love Dolce Vita and all three of the Lip Lacquers – as with most palettes there is always one that is not your usual colour – Scarlet Empress being one of them, but what the hey, I can sheer it out, or I can go for bit of glamour since it is winter! Viridiana is also a brand new fall shade.

Then this is the piece de resistance, baby!

My Philip Lim palette:

This cost me £59 smackaroonies so I won’t be touching it for a while. I’ll be honest, I thought it would be more like £40 but you know when its too late and you have to grit your teeth?


Night Fever eyeshadow
Ondine eyeshadow
Promiscuous lipstick (New)
The Multiple in Malibu
Luster blush (New)
Viridiana lipstick – (Argh! I just realised I have this twice now!)

What I love about this one is that it has a bit of everything – eyeshadow, lip colours, multiple, blusher. The SA did a look for me solely from this palette and it was really really lovely and complete – it didn’t feel like anything was missing (apart from base, obviously).

Apparently there are only 500 in the world! Which means I got something quite special, and proceeds go to the Al Gore Climate Change foundation. So there, thats the real reason I own this. I did it for the environment.

If you find this palette, get your hands on one! Is so lovely!


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  1. the Muse says

    the night series palette is amazing!

    When I originally seen it online I was somewhat meh about it. It looked matte and the shades were kinda dark and not so thrilling!

    Upon seeing it in the store my mind was completely changed and I absolutely had to have it! The shades are so sparkley and gorgeous!

  2. RF says

    Hey, thankyou for commenting!

    I guess the best thing is having all those shades in one place – if your like me you’ll never get round to finishing a full size one anyway!

    Its a must for Nars fans!

    Are you tempted by the other palettes?

  3. the Muse says

    hi again rf.

    I agree! Having them together is super nice and I find full sizes are a pain for storage and of course to actually get around to using up!

    None of the other palettes are too tempting but I am slightly intrigued by the dolce vita duo set!

    That looks quite nice!