Nars Night Series Palette

If there’s one thing I love from Nars its the Night Series eyeshadows – they have a base colour and are showered by a subtle shimmer on top which looks amazing if you can get the glitter to stick (you have to press it on, not swipe!). One of my favourites is Night Porter (which is black with a green shimmer). I also have Night Fairy which is Lilac with Gold.

I was on a no buy since I sorted out my make up and found that I have enough for this life, and the next, but I had to get this fab Limited Edition Palette (it better be Ltd Ed. now I’ve bought it), called the Night Series.

I already have Night Fairy, but no worry. Shades included are:

• Night Star a sheer peach with gold glitter
• Night Snow a sheer white with silver glitter
• Night Fever a deep black with red glitter
• Night Clubbing a deep black with gold glitter
• Night Rider a soft plum with silver glitter
• Night Fairy a pale violet with gold glitter

The shades are all a good size and the compact is wallet sized, easy to carry round! This is a great way to own more of the Night Series eyeshadow because they cost £15, and this palette is £40 so a good sampler – and these things last forever anyhow!

One thing though, perhaps because of the way they press these pans, the irdescent layer isn’t evident but if you rub it the glitters come out.

Availble from Hqhair now!


I have finally tried this palette and it’s a real disappointment!

Only two of the colours are soft and easy to apply – Night Fever and Night Clubbing (the darkest shades. The Night Snow has large chunks of white glitter – I mean large, and they don’t stick anyway!!! Disappointing. The other remaining shades are hard and very chalky, and are glittery. with the mearest hint of colour.

I don’t tend to return things, so no doubt I will keep it, but I woudn’t recommend it.

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