Nars New Wave Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches: Fail

The brightest Nars Artist Palette I own is this New Wave collection, which I knew I had to have even thought the colours are somewhat bright. 

Nars New Wave Eyeshadow Palette

I do still love bright and vibrant shades, even if they take a little bit more time to work with. At the moment though my staple shades are neutrals. Even so…

Here are the shades in the palette. The I and II indicated that a shade belongs to a duo and is either the I First shade or II Second shade in the palette. 

Both colours of the Pandora Duo is here (black and white), the lighter purple and Jolie Poupee, and of Rated R and well as 2 solo shades, Outreamer and Daphne which I do not own but have always wanted to try. 

Since Nars Artists palettes contain shades from existing palettes, it’s quite a good way to own a collection of shades without having to buy lots of different eyeshadows. 

Nars New Wave Eyeshadow Palette 1

Then I got around to swatching this palette…erm….

I’ll be blunt and say I found it quite poor overall.  There was a time when all I ever bought was NARS and I don’t recall the quality being so miss mash. 

The shades are clash but are all quite blue/violet/cool – I think that is fine, it’s supposed to be lumo – but the actual quality of the powders is lacking. 

The Pandora shades are fine. I have the Duo and they’re good in that too. 

Jolie Poupee – this first shade is the weaker one of the two from the duo I feel.  Rated R is fine. Outreamer and Daphne well…I nearly bought these as the solos and I am glad I didn’t. Outreamer is gritty and dry and so unpigmented.  Daphne is the same. I haven’t swatched an eyeshadow this poor since I found a Collection 2000 eyeshadow under the bed from 1997.  

It’s a shame because they look so vibrant in the pan. Now – if you layer and layer and use a primer you can get some pigment out of these colours, but at this price WHY THE HELL SHOULD YOU!?
Nars New Wave Eyeshadow Palette 2


A fun palette, alas, there are 3 lame shades in here, and the quality of 2 is ridiculously bad seeing as it has come from one of my favourite brands ever!  I will likely keep this as I collect Nars Artist Palettes but this is a very poor show considering it’s £39.50. 

You can buy this on the official website or here. 

*Purchased by me

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  1. says

    Daphne is the troublemaker of the group! The palette in general is a bit random, I mean, I like brights but they seem so uncoordinated to mach with eachother

    • Row says

      Hi Birkie

      Yeah! I was really surprised by the quality, I am very much a Nars lover but this palette was incredibly random.