Nars Multiple Bronzer

I haven’t lemminged* anything for a while. Not make up, not clothes, not handbags. Nothing.

*Lemmings ‘stuff you are dying to buy’.

Popped to the Nars counter yesterday to have a look at the new Nars Multiple Duos. They are lovely, and a great way to get started if you don’t own any multiples, but I have all of them so I decided not to buy them in the palette form (also because I can’t keep paletted things clean all the time!).

I did pick up one of the new Multiple Bronzers, in Malaysia.

They say:

The iconic NARS Multiple is now available in three bronzing shades to compliment every skin tone. This multi-use stick-style Bronzer is formulated to strengthen, support and repair the skin while creating an all-over warmth and contour for the entire face.

Just like the original, ever-popular Multiple; the Multiple Bronzer can be used on the eyes, lips, cheeks or body. With an effort to stray away from the look of heavily matted skin, Fran├žois Nars’ Multiple has an oil free, cream to powder texture, which is safe for use on the entire face or the body.

Skin radiates an ultra-natural sun-kissed glow
New anti-oxidant rich matte formula
Easy blendability makes for mistake-proof application

This comes in three shades, clearly defined.

Tuomota for fair skins – a very light subtle rosey bronze – looks very pretty.

Malaysia – for medium tones like myself – more of a orangey yellow bronze.

Rapa Nui – for dark skins (asian, black).

I bought this as a matter of routine because I am a Nars addict but I’ve realised its a fabulous item!

First off – there are other multiples which resemble bronzers in the range – Palm Beach springs to mind, St Barts is a taupey bronze and even South Beach and Maldives remind me of a sunny shimmer.

But – they are all shimmery. There are days when you just don’t want it (especially say if my skin is looking bad or spotty).

The Multiple Bronzers are all matte. When I swatched Malaysia I wasn’t sure – it looked yellowy bronze but now I have used it at home I’ve realised its the perfect shade. Being matte as well, its perfect for conturing the nose and under the chin.

I’m not sure if Nars has changed the formula but I found this extra creamy and very easy to blend than usual (even though it was cold this morning). I applied it in a figure of 3 on the side of my face, on the sides of my nose and under the chin for a slimming effect and it worked a treat. No shimmer, no streaking. I’d recommended this even if you don’t like bronzing and just want a contouring tool that’s easy to use. I think this is easier to blend away if you put too much on than say a powder.

Some people don’t like the Multiples as they seem greasy – I didn’t feel this at all with the bronzers, they dried to a natural finish. This will be a staple item for me, if not just because I like to contour my face to give it a bit of shape.

Hmmm…Nars now needs a matte, off white highlighter multiple, no?

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