Nars Mud Mask

This is my favourite mask of all for my sensitive skin. It doesn’t irritate at all, and weirdly enough, leaves the skin very calm, not red or irritated at all. It is a thick, opaque textured cream, which dries (who wants a mask that doesn’t crack, right!).

It is £40 – not cheap but I highly recommend it, and infact all of Nars’s skincare is excellent. Developed in a Shiseido Lab, I have never reacted badly to any of the products and I love the simple white packaging. I use this mask, the Aquagel Hydrator (for dry patches. Have to say, I don’t love that), the Cream Cleanser, Hydrating Toner, Day Cream, Vitamin C Serum and their Eye Cream. I’m a fan!

I also use Shu Uemura Green Tea Cleansing Oil, a long term staple of mine in my daily routine. Shu Uemura’s scrub is also excellent but has been discontinued. The old formula was rubbed onto the skin untill all the liquid and beads disappeared and the dead skin would be left of the surface of the skin. It has now been replaced by the WR EX Gentle Brightening Massage Gel:

which I haven’t tried yet! If I get the chance I will review it but it is a shame when they discontinue old favourites.

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