Nars Makeover; Skin Tips etc.

For no reason other than boredom, I went to my Nars counter the other day for a make over. I have been eyeing up Blade Runner for ages…a dark forest green with a copper.

My SA, Leena at Nars is amazing. She smells nice too (Nars Monoi Oil I’m told – its expensive – £42 (!!!!) for some Monoi oil?! BUT, I have compared it to similar items on the market, pure Monoi oil, Hei Poi, Nuxe which are both nice but the Nars one is a cut above scent wise.)  Its like when you put off buying GHD’s and buy Babyliss and loads of other cheaper straighteners only to come to the conclusion that with the 20 pairs of knock offs, you could have just bought the GHD’s in the first place and avoided frizz.

This time she has some skin tips for me! They include two multiples; Copacabana the white silvery highlighter and Palm Beach a bronze. You know how when you go to a counter and you ask what X is for and the SA (at MAC or Benefit normally) goes “You can use it on your eyes, cheeks, lips, forehead, bum cheek” and your like, REALLY?! I can use DEEP DARK RED for ALL those things?!

You lie, SA, you lie.

Anyway here’s the tip for dewy, glowy, flawless skin.

Copacabana and Palm Beach on the skin BEFORE foundation application. Here is where you apply it –

YELLOW = COPACOBANA (or equivalent highlighter)

ORANGE = PALM BEACH (or equivalent shader)

Yes, I know, I look like I’m summoning dead spirits or something. Leave me alone.

The resut is that the multiples conceal dodgy areas (like shadows for example) and smooth out the cheeks. Once you get to foundation you will find you need less.

You can use all kinds of highlighters and shaders for this but ideally in cream form if you are going to be putting foundation (liquid) on top.

Then set it all with powder and a RUBBER SPONGE. I don’t know the science behind it but it looked GOOD. Can you see how glowy my skin is in the photos? 10 layers of foundation can’t do that usually so I liked it, and I will definately do it in my day to day routine as it took like 20 seconds.

Other products used:

Sertao on Cheeks
Blade Runner on Eyes
Nomad Cream Shadow
Galapagos Shadow
Black Moon Eyeliner
Dolce Vita Velvet Matte Pencil
Casablanca Lipstick
Sex Vixen Lipgloss

I got:

Sertao. It’s REALLY nice. Its very shimmery and would work as a bronzer, but just as well as a blush which surprised me because I thought of it as more of a Nico (a all over softner, I call it). Veryyy nice and my kind of peachy shade.

Barbarella. I said to Leena that I wanted the peach effect she had given me but without having to use the Belle De Jour Velvet Matte Pencil AND Casablanca lipstick together – too much work. No probs she said, barbarella will do it. Isn’t ir GORGEOUS?!

Sex Vixen. When Leena showed me this, I was like – oh another mauvey gloss? I need another gloss like I need piles, but once I swatched it, I saw a sheery but super shimmery light mauve, so pretty, and cool toned, excellent on top of things or on its own. Needless to say I was over powered (also Nars doesn’t do many super shimmer glosses, unless you count Moon Beam so this is a nice change).

No Blade Runner in stock though – Boo Hoo!

Anyway here’s photos of the look:

Nice? NICE!  Shame my job for the evening was brushing the cats and hunting for fleas! (which I throughly recommend, very cathartic)

Soon it will be the weekend! x

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  1. Row says

    Hey Blu

    Yes a rubber cosmetic sponge. I did it again today and it didn’t look cakey or powdery at all (which it does if I am using a brush sometimes :))

  2. cargolover says

    Wow I love the makeover! I started thinking all SA’s gave crappy makeovers as I witnessed the GA lady do an awful job on my cousin afew weeks ago =X
    I’ll try the powder w/sponge tip tomorrow…I do find that a brush sometimes makes it look a tad powdery and then I have to spray some Fix+ to get rid of it. That lipstick is perfection…and you know the one you bought from Ebay? Is it Niagara?I’ve been meaning to buy that one for a long time but I’ve never got round to it! BTW I actually liked Prison Break Season 1 – but I think Wentworth was probably the main reason I liked it so much =P

  3. Row says

    Hey Cargolover

    I know!!! 99% counters give crap make overs, dontcha think? Though I always keep my hopes up….I was on the new GA counter in Selfridges – the girl was ok but very much a sales girl not an artist.

    Lipstick wise – the one in this post if Barbarella and if from the counter. Niagara is the one on my Ebay post, the pink coral BOOTIFUL might I add altho I like Barbarella more for the colour, Niagara has a nicer texture…

    The powder and sponge thing is really working for me! I hate the chalky face!

    I did too, love season 1 – I was glued to it. Have you seen series 3 that has started – they all end up in Prison again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!