Nars Makeover & Haul

Okey so I went to one of my favourite counters which is Nars – my usual MA was not there so I got acquainted with a new member of staff.

I was playing with the colours when I dabbed a bit of this duo, Surabaya:

Looks like a standard brown in this photo but in real life, it gives the most gorgeous, rich, chestnut and sugary brown shade with tons of micro sparkles. To keep the sparkles though you need to dab the colour on.

She tried the shades on me – I was so tired today, so my eye looks red!:

Here is the eventual haul –

Nars Creme Eyeshadows do NOT have the best lasting powder, but they do make amazing bases for eyeshadows.

I have Zardoz which is a black and makes colours more vibrant. However, this rather dull insipid looking grey was recommended to me as a base colour to put vibrant shades on top of – Lilli Marlene:

It is not as harsh as the black as a base and works very well with smokey shades or my vast array of cool colours. I also can’t think of a similar shade from a make up brand so this is my new love!

As if I don’t have enough Nars Blushers! I never noticed Oasis before with its Gold Microglitters but its gorgeous shade. I also loved Nico – a pale beige with the hints of gold which you can use all over (sparingly):

What Nars should make is a palette which has about 8 blushers in like the Night Series Palette! But I have all the ususal favouries (Orgasm, Torrid, Mata Hari, Albatross etc.) so I would probably end up with dupes!

It did take me a while to decide wheather I alreayd had Oasis or not. This has made me decide I want to do a dreaded inventory of my entire collection. It will take a weekend to do it but at least I won’t end up with dupes by accident! The UK does not have a great policy for returns or exchanges on cosmetics.

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