Nars Make Over with Uzo

I went along to the Nars Selfridges event today, with the Make Up Artist Uzo. Uzo is one of Nars’s international artists, and has worked with all the stars…

A very charming and nice lady who exuded confidence…the other Nars guys and gals were clearly in awe.

Anyway, I sat my bum down in the seat which was in full view of the public. Eek! Champagne was served but I don’t drink so I ate the white chocolate and raspberry treats instead.

What happens in these evenings, its seems to me, depending on the stature of the artist, is one of the regular Nars gals will remove your make up and prep your skin. A national artist will give you your foundation and prep, then Uzo comes over to help you decide on colours and the national artist will apply.

I think I was pretty easy – do you have this product? yes. yes. yes. yes and yes. I’m a Nars nut.

Uzo took one look at me and immediately said Kyoto Eyeliner. Yes….Star Sailor Eyeshadow.

Now I have a lot of Nars shadows and I had a vague recollection of owning Star Sailor….and I was right cos here it is:

Its a yellow cream and a green-brown-bronze.

Firstly, the artist applied kyoto eyeliner a stunning metallic green then smudged it in with a brush. Then she pressed the darker side on top of the liner, blending and adding the lighter shadow on top more a metallic smokey finish. My eyeshadow application was actually very quick and effortless.

On the cheeks I had Dolce Vita, Zen to contour, Nico over the top and Luster to add some…well, er, luster.

On the lips I had Belle De Jour in Velvet Matte Pencil (which I didn’t want to buy – this formula dries my lips out), Senorita lipstick on top and Moonfleet gloss on top.

My brief was something glam and bold. This is the finished result:

I liked it a lot although for a special event make over it didn’t excite me – my usual Nars artist, Leena who is on the counter full time could recreate this with her eyes shut.  So I do like it, I still think it looks good now but it didn’t blow me away – and I really wanted it to.  Maybe its because they very much wanted to promote the Autumn Winter colours; the browns and bronzes. I had already had my brown fix, after all with the RMK collection.

Still these are the items I took home with me:

Kyoto Pencil.  I’d love to go to Kyoto one day…

Senorita – one of the new Nars lipsticks like Beautiful Liar.  The new texture Nars lippies are excellent – I have found old formulas especially the stunning Semi Matte range very drying for my already dry lips.  Senorita and Beautiful liar feel light and cause no chapping.  Senorita is a sheer pinky coral – a alternative lip colour.

Kilimanjaro duo! Amazingly enough despite all the shadows I have I don’t have this – probably perhaps if you are spending £23 on an eyeshadow you want it to be different, pigmented etc. not just a plain white. But this will be one of those you can mix with everything which will make it a good buy!  One side is a gold toned white the other is a pink toned white.

Dolce Vita Blush – a matte dusty rose.  Its quite nice but not wow wow wow – but I collect ’em so I had to have Dolce Vita!

I won’t lie – as much as I love Nars, these events are always verging on hard sell.  After the make over you have the redeemable amount (in this case £35) but I remember from my first experience at a makeover…

“Your skin is really crying for help you need XXXXXX and XXXXXXXX and XXXXXX”*

Daunting – there’s nothing like someone telling you your skin is disgusting and urgently needs attention to get you buying!  And there was a bit of hard sell today too, just a bit of “So you want everything I wrote down here on the left hand side?” – eerrr no, I don’t have £300 to spend on make up.  Luckily I genuinely already have a lot of stuff collected gradually over the years so I refrained from any major buys today.

I guess in that sense I prefer my casual visits to the counter so long as my favourite artist is there – because she is talented and the atmopshere is very relaxed and I never feel under pressure to buy anything.

*To be honest though, Nars skincare is my No.1 – over Shu, over RMK, over that pile of crap Philosophy I bought, over Chanel, Clinique, Clarins, Shiseido, La Mer, SKII.  Nars stuff is really really good.

I have a serious lemming now or Blade Runner, which is a super rich emerald green and a warm copper….

*Another side note.  Many moons ago I depotted about 10 of my Nars duos and cracked them to high heaven.  I have regretted it to today – I wish I kept them in their original cases cos I shattered my Misfit, Rated R…basically all of them.  They are super glued down you see and applying too much heat to them makes them crack….so I don’t recommend depotting your Nars.

Oooh I just noticed Nars US has some new videos…

Do you love Nars? The upcoming winter collection looks orgasmic!

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  1. Row says

    Hey Nikki

    rated r is fab although it doesn’t have the nicest texture – its a bit chalky compared to some of the other nars shadows :)