Nars Facial Soap & Boots No. 17

I was spending some birthday vouchers, so since I was in a Nars’ I bought my self the facial soap which they swear will keep blackheads a bay.

It looks like a block of Pecorino:

It isn’t scented so its a bit plasticy to smell….but who wants purfume on your face. This is cleansing, baby.

It is also a BIG block (200g), this will take a life time to use up. It’s an unusal shape for a soap, a rectangular block. But apperances aside, I have tried it out and I like it very much! It definately leaves the skin feeling soft and not stripped (I normally avoid facial soaps like the plague because of the dry sensation afterwards.)

Nars have added Jojoba and Macadamia Nut Oil, but since I have been experimenting with soap making at home, I couldn’t help analysing the top ingredients – (they use the fancy scientific names for example Soduim Cocoate is basically Coconut Oil) and Tallow (Tallow is an animal fat) is the second biggest ingredient. Tut tut, it is a cheap fat to use considering the price of this bar £16.00, I think a better ingredient should have been used. It also would not be suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans.

Moaning aside, the lovely SA gave me this little botte of Nars Body Glow, which contains Monoï de Tahiti oil, a luxury extract from French Polynesia, and smells like a beach…(this baby costs £43 for a full bottle (120ml). Nuxe makes Huile Prodigeuse, which is very very similar in scent, texture and glowy effect, £13 for 50ml).

Anyway my sample bottle had solidified in the cold:

It’s such a sweet bottle I might keep it as a keep sake!

Then as I went through Boots I was lured by an offer they had, spend £5 at No.17 and you get a free Limited Edition Jonathan Saunders make up box.

Ok so I didn’t need it but I liked the design of the box….I don’t really buy No.17 very often but I quickly grabbed two metallic eye pencils, and they are lurrrvellly:

Here’s what it looks like inside:

One day if Jonathan Saunders become hot hot hot, it could be a collectable!?!

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  1. Vanessa says

    Hey RF! Happy Thanksgiving! The Metal-X eyeshadows aren’t creasy at all (as long as you don’t put TOO much on your lid it should be fine). They are cream-to-powder so it ‘dries’ on your lid like a regular eyeshadow. What I love about it is the shimmer and vibrancy of the colors.