NARS Duo Eyeshadow Kalhari Review and Swatches

There are some palettes that you hear about over and over but you never really feel the need to buy, until one day…well who knows why? But Kalhari was one of those palettes for me.  This Nars eyeshadow duo is a very natural, easy to wear daytime eye colour, the kind of palette these women who seem to wake up gorgeous wear. I purchased it because I have a very minute amount of time to do my face these days and it looked like an easy way to get a polished look: 


NARS Duo Eyeshadow Kalhari

I remember now why I didn’t buy it when I first had the chance; the colours are not amazing to look at, they look like fillers from a larger palette. They also look quite similar to one another. 

I’d describe one side, the lighter one, as a soft warm gold shimmer and the other as a taupey soft mushroom which has a soft sheen. I find the pigmentation fine, not terrible and not as rich as some of the other Nars eyeshadows.  The texture and pigmentation suits the shades though, and fits it’s usage as a natural, wearable kind of palette. 

I would say that the darker your skin, or should I say the more olive you are, the more this palettes seems to disappear. This kind of disappeared on me somewhat. 

NARS Duo Eyeshadow Kalhari 1

And yet I do like this eyeshadow. My usual choice if I wanted a neutral eye would be a matte base, and a soft medium shimmer shade, so this is different – I mean, you can’t use the lighter shade all over, its too dark for that.  I used the lighter shade on the lid  and the darker shade in the crease. The result is very natural, and it’s hard to get it wrong. 

Do you really need to spend £25 on a neutral eyeshadow like this? No, I don’t think so. You could for example, get an Urban Decay palette with a bigger colour selection and textures. But I don’t care…I like this duo anyway. Swatches:

NARS Duo Eyeshadow Kalhari 2

This is in my current make up bag, and it’s definitely a super easy, effortless neutral shadow to use. The only thing is as there’s no all over base colour., I need to use foundation or a primer underneath first to cover any redness on my lid. 

Are you a fan of Kalhari?

See the eyeshadow here (it costs £25). 

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