Nars Christmas Collection

I know I’m slow.  Nars will be releasing the Crimbo goodies come Christmas.  As well as this I’ve had a tip off that there will soon be a lorra new multiple colours and new liquid eyeliners with a build in brush.

Christmas is about sparkles! Glitter!  Red lipstick! Gluttony! Crackers!

Nars rarely does Limited Editions and none of this so need to sell your mother to buy these goodies as soon as they come out.

Theres the Orgasm Nail Polish to match your lipgloss and blusher – a perfect peach gold.

Silent Night and Night Life eyeshadows – the metallic gold and silver.  I think the Night in the name suggests that it is part of the Night Series of eyeshadows (a special on these soon!).

The Super Orgasm blush – yeah! Pinky peach with gold sparkles

A dual purple shadow, Jolie Poupee – Nars lacks purples, so this will be a welcome addition.

Malaysia Multiple – a deep bronze

Canaille Lipstick – a shimmering mahogany

All Night Long Lipgloss – a plum.

I like all of it – but the Multiple, the two solo shadows, blush and polish are definates for me!

Nars will also release the multiples in a palette, 2 shades per compact.  I already have all the multiples so I don’t need plus I hate sticking my fingers into cream products.

What do you like?

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  1. Zereen says

    Great colours! Can’t wait to try the Super Orgasm (what’s the difference between this and Orgasm??) and the two new night shadows!!!

  2. Li says

    If I read all this gloriousness now I’ll miss my dad arriving from NY. Actually going to make special time!

  3. says

    I am getting the duo eyeshadow for sure! Still undecided about the Multiple and the single shadows though. Bronzers don’t usually look good on me and I’m sure the singles will be overpriced in Canada :/ The skincare line here is marked up $30-40 more than the US already…

  4. Row says

    Hey Blu!

    Nars is pricey anyway, isn’t it? In the UK it works out as one of the dearer brands. I think the cleansers and toners are around £28 each, the eye crean is £50ish and the creams are around £70. So not cheap but I do love the skincare! I am hating the philosophy set I bought its so stinky :p

  5. Zereen says

    Thanks Rowena! Do you know when they come out and which colours might suit an asian skin like mine? did you manage to get Blade Runner? How do you thunk it compares to Belly Dance?

  6. Row says

    Hey Zereen

    Funnily enough I always get mixed up with Belly Dance and Blade Runner too!!! Blade Runner is the green and copper. Belly dance is the green and purple. In my opinion, Blade runner has a nicer texture and is far more striking :)

    The date is 14-15th Nov for release! With your skintone I reckon you could wear anything but I would have thought the solo gold and silver, the new multiple would be ideal :)