Nars Cheek Palette Foreplay Blush Quad Review: Win!

Mr C kindly gifted me a number of Nars palettes, so I have finally had a chance to play with them all and am going to share my swatches and thoughts on each one this week. 

Each of the Artist palettes are LE, although they do in my experience, take a while to disappear from the official Nars websites. There are ones on there I bought years ago which they told me were LE but are still being sold now, so I wouldn’t fret too much about getting them RIGHT NOW. 

Nars Foreplay Cheek Blush is an unusual one for Nars, although they did do the Danmari palette. Foreplay, however, is a much smaller compact size and it’s based around the famous bestseller, Orgasm blush which I would describe as a pinky peach with gold flecks. 

Nars Cheek Palette Foreplay Blush Quad Review

This set contains:

-Peach Matte Blush
-Gold Highlighting Blush
-Pink Matte Blush
-Orgasm Blush (peachy pink with golden shimmer)

I know that blush is really important to some people but I’ll be honest and say sometimes I forget. Then I wonder why I look a bit pale. But to be fair, I flush easily…for me an even base is the most important thing. 

Anyway, here is the palette, all broken up into different size rectangles. 

You have the matte peach – I wish it were more orange and less red. 

You have the gold which is quite a yellow hue. 

You have the matte hot pink blush which I like a lot, it reminds me Desire. 

Then you have a bit of Orgasm itself, incase you don’t feel like mixing up the other 3 together 😉 

Nars Cheek Palette Foreplay Blush Quad Review 1

The palette is actually quite nice to use and useful. Once again, in my eyes the peach would’ve been perfect if it had more orange in it and was lighter, instead it can look reddish on my skin.  The highlight is decent enough – I understand why they chose gold as Orgasm has gold in it, but I prefer the more subtle gold flecks in Albratross highlighter. 

The matte cool toned pink I love; I’ve always loved cheeky shades like this and the orgasm is quite hard textured, when you compare it to the other three but is practical and the one I reached for a lot day to day.


If you can appreciate this as 4 separate shades and you think you can get wear out of the different colours then it’s worth the purchase. At £39.50 it isn’t cheap which is why I think if you juts love Orgasm, then buy Orgasm, no need to get this set unless you think you will get use out of the matte peach and matte pink individually too. 

All in all, I like this set a lot!

I bought this from the Nars website for £39.50. 

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