Nars Blusher Haul & Korean Lioele

The temperature here has been rising, so people are in better moods and generally enjoying the sun. The fake tan brigade has been out in force and the men are showing off their red lobster sun burns off, and the women are wearing strappy dresses sans a bra.

Two words ladies – strapless bra. Or clear bra straps. Anything but two wobbly melons accosting me whilst I am innocently trying to browse for indigestion tablets.

Speaking of browsing, I had 6 empties to return to MAC. Except visiting my local MAC counter is like a scene from a horror film – do I expect to get served? not without a long wait. So I browsed and browsed, whilst the three sales assistants continued to slap on more cosmetics on themselves. Yawn, yawn. 20 mins later the SA can no longer ignore my waving. May I have this Cool Heat lip shine in High 90s? Yes, she says. Woop Woop! Thats all I needed to hear!

Random haulage from the end of the week now.

Nars Haul:

Blushers in Taj Mahal a very bright orange (love, love, love) and Mounia, a reddish blush with gold sparkles – both STUNNA’S”

Lipsticks – Mojave, a warm apricot gold – extremely metallic and frosty, be warned, but it is a beauty. My favourite MA in the world at Nars used this colour on me underneath Cabiria Lip Laquer (A golden honey brown) for a Megan Fox nudey lip.

Hot Voodoo – a rich frosty copper – very pigmented and rich golden bronze.

I also got a package I ordered a while back from an unusual Korean Brand called Lioele. They had a special pack on offer with random goodies, like a blusher, blemish balm, illuminator, lip glosses and mascara…


The BB cream is in shade 02 which is the darker colour – it is still far too pale for me (about a NC20) and I am a NC35 – not good as I don’t like to look ghostly. However it settles and looks much better after an hour or so has passed

The illuminator is GORGEOUS! It comes in a handy click pen for easy application too.

This is the blush that is included – a pretty marble. However it is not pigmented at all – it looks quite shimmery and thats about it:

The three lip glosses that come with the set are pretty nice. The red it a stain – I think you can use this on the cheeks too and it is a strong, long lasting red. The pale pink is a nudey-pale shade with shimmers. The pink shimmery gloss is very glittery – there was a choice of this pink and a reddish-orange-coral shade. I wish I had chose that one now – the colour I got is a little dull.

The weekend has been nice – went for walks, went to see the sights.

Did you do anything nice?

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  1. says

    I love the looks so beautiful!!!!
    and all your hauls are drool worthy!!! Can’t wait to see you use them!

  2. Helly says

    pretty lipglosses!!and lol at the mac SAs. haha *tsktsk!!*

    *huggsssssss* the lil girl!!

  3. Row says

    Hey Helly

    The little girl is Megan of You Tube!

    Yep the MAC girls are just…too much…

  4. Chica says

    That red stain looks looofly :)
    How NICE is the weather?! Lordy, like being back in Spain, well except that it’s a bit ‘close’ as my nan says or humid as they rest of us do.
    Totally agree on the braless thing..seriously.
    I have big boobs (blessing or curse, can’t decide) and there is no way in HELL i would go braless, even in my garden..on my own.
    I was accosted by several such women today in Asda. It was pretty scary.

  5. Row says

    Hey Chica

    The weather is GORGEOUS hehe – your nan has it right. I am dying at night though – I’m afraid my delicate British demeanour can’t handle this humidity. And the sweat! The sweat!

    I have big boobies too and as you said braless = shower time. Hehe. Our receiptionist at work was GLOWING, I mean radiating red