Nars ‘And God Created Woman’ Eye Kit Review feat. Alhambra, Bellisima, Kalhari, Galapagos, Coconut Grove, Night Clubbing

‘And God Created Woman’ is a classing French film directed by Roger Vadim and stars Brigette Bardot, back when she was young, so stunning and less…controversial. 

You know Nars really does seem to love his beautiful film legends…

Anyhoo..I spotted this little beauty a few months ago on the official Nars website (I collect their artist palettes, so frequently look to see if a new one has come out as they are not all publicised).  I managed to resist…until now…

Nars And God Created Woman Eye Kit Review

In this lovely little eye kit, you get a 6 colour eyeshadow palette, a short handled eyeshadow brush and a travel size of the Eye Primer.

Speaking of the Eye Primer, I bought it a year ago and never got round to reviewing it.  It is a BRILLIANT eyeshadow primer – it leaves no trace of product, it doesn’t discolour the eyelid or look cakey, it really does help eyeshadows last and last. The only thing I don’t like is the applicator and tube – I feel like there must be lots of product wasted in there. 

Here is the kit:

Nars And God Created Woman Eye Kit Review 1

Nars Brushes are NOT cheap but they do my ultimate favourite eye brush – their smudged is my no. 1 out of 200 brushes I own.  The brush in this kit is travel sized, as in short handled but I was impressed by how dense and soft the bristles were. Will this do everything you want with the kit? Of course now – its more of a base eyeshadow brush or an all over colour one due to it’s thickness, but it’s a extremely high quality gem of a applicator (I’ve just noticed there’s a wonky hair on mine – I swear, it straightened out!). 

Nars And God Created Woman Eye Kit Review 2

And then on to the colours. 

This palette is 100% up my street – neutrals with a rich glittery glam twist.  I am afraid to say I already own most of these eyeshadows as I am a NARS fiend (or used to be!) and the only one here that I don’t already have in some shape or form is Coconut Grove!!

However, I am a true palette lover and I love having everything in one place is it’s possible. And the more compact, the better. 

Colours are:

Alhambra: Very fine metallic pink peach

Bellisima: Matte medium pigmented taupe – great for the crease 

Kalahari: Light sandy gold 

Galapagos: Rich warm chocolate with gold sparkles

Coconut Grove: Matte dark brown with a red tone

Night Clubbing: Black with a green/silver tone to it 

Nars And God Created Woman Eye Kit Review Alhambra Belissima Night Clubbing Coconut Grove Galapagos

Let’s go on to the size issue. This is teeny.  To me it’s perfect, I LOVE the compactness and as if I am ever going to get to the bottom of any of these shades?! It’s also a nice way to take a mini everything you need palette that is TRULY compact as it’s not much bigger than a blusher!

In my hand:

Nars And God Created Woman Eye Kit Review 3

If you want good value though, is this palette really generous enough? Well, the regular artists palettes appear more generous if I am honest…it really depends on how you like to use make up together and if you like to carry it around with you. 

Next to my iPhone:

Nars And God Created Woman Eye Kit Review 4

Swatches – the quality here is excellent – the stronger colours have featured in this palette which is why I guess, the overall feel of this palette is lovely. 

I like the mixture of light, medium and deep dark shades and thank god they included a taupe matte! Very handy for my eye shape to have something to work in the crease. 

Nars And God Created Woman Eye Kit Review Alhambra Bellisima Kalhari Galapagos Coconut Grove Night Clubbing


I have had mixed results with my last Nars palette haul so I was wondering if this one would be a success. It is! This is a lovely set and actually, if you are a neutral – glam lover, this set ail provide you with some high quality basics.  If you think of it as £5 per colours, £5 for the brush and £5 for the primer, it’s not too bad! I am glad I bought mine and it’ll live in my ‘current’ make up bag cos you never know! 

A few people commented that this is limited to Space NK – it is not, it is also available from the Nars Website at the same price and with FREE SHIPPING, whereas Space NK requires a bigger spend to get free postage. I got mine on the 4th day after placing an order, so the customer service is good. You can buy yours here for £40.50.

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