Nar Fame Lip Palette – It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine….

Ok, so my current obsession is Nars Palettes, but this really is the last one I am dying for!

Nars Fame Lip Palette as a LOVELY collection of colours which range from the wearable nudes to the deep, not as often used deep reds. Colours include:

blonde venus, heatwave, funny face
honolulu honey, jungle red, shanghai express
casablanca, red lizard, transeurope express
morocco, trans siberian, scarlet empress

I already have two of the colours, heatwave, the perfect orange red (here’s the thing – I was told with my olivey skin I should be wearing blue reds but its a bit too vampish on me – I love this hot coral orangey red!) and Honolulu Honey which is a divine buttercream nude.

The only thing is I find that Nars Semi Matte and Matte textures are a little drying so a bit of balm underneath is a must. But I am hoping the case is not to big so then I can carry this baby around.

Check out Nars Limited edition palette for this year here.

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