Nair Hair Removal Cream (Upper Lip Kit) Review or ARGH

Just a quick one today!  Over the weekend I decided to buy this Nair Upper Lip Kit (Hair Removal Cream) because I wanted to try something different to waxing (waxing can give my skin little spots).  I haven’t used hair removal cream for a while, and I don’t tend to use them because I just find waxing or tweezing longer lasting. 

So this Nair Kit was half price in Superdrug.  It comes with two tubes (shaped like lip glosses) – one is a hair removal cream, ones a moisturiser.  The instructions are pretty clear – use the removal cream for 5 minutes, then remove without rubbing and apply the moisturiser. 


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Oh my. Towards the end of the 5 minutes I could feel tingling so I removed it right away, and rinsed the product off with cool water.  Ouch. What is that prickly burning feeling?

To try and make things a bit more comfortable, I then used the moisturising cream on my upper lip.  Ouchhhh. It burned and throbbed so I had to wipe that off immediately. I then had to go through my boxes of products as I was looking for a product to calm it down – by now, the area was swollen and luminous pink.  Not pretty.  

I tried my favourite calming balms and serums but the area was now really smarting and painful, but also tickle at the same time. It made it very hard indeed for me to even move my mouth and at one point, I was eating a wrap and I thought my throat was swelling up…could Nair have cause this much trouble?!

The pain was the worst. I frequently go red with different methods of hair removal but my skin was so sore and red that I kept thinking that I would need to go to hospital.  

Eventually I slathered Sudocrem over my upper lip and it worked a treat and was the only thing that did sting like a mother when applied on to the area.  The next day a lot of the redness had gone, although I had about 4-5 spots in the area where I used the cream. 

A few days later, my skin is normal apart from the 3-4 spots that appeared in the area after.  It was horrific.  All to remove a few stray hairs. 

I will never ever ever ever use this product again and this has certainly put me of hair removal creams of any form – it’s just not worth the irritation when there are so many other ways of removing hair. 

Have you ever had a bad reaction to Nair hair removal cream?




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  1. Anna says

    stay away from Nair! worst hair removal product! Have you tried epicare it’s basically a torture device. It’s like threading without the thread! it does hurt but it works and no spots. I think they sell loads of them for cheap on ebay!