Nails of the Day: Top Shop Polish, In The Red – I am impressed!

People have been asking me for the last week what polish I am wearing – this hot red, slightly orangey based is ‘In The Red’ from Top Shop. It gives a really good even coverage and is glossy finish.

More importantly, I have worn this baby (with Coffret D’or Gel Finish top coat) for 11 days and it hasn’t even chipped! This NEVER happens to me!

And I’ve been giving it a hard time (I am the girl who chipped Shellac within a week) but it’s just been wearing SO well. Will I be checking out Top Shop nail polishes? Oh yes.


Have you tried Top Shop nail polishes yet?

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  1. I can’t say my Topshop polishes have lasted me 11 days, but I do still love them! They last 2 days on me, but my nails are dry, brittle and peely which will have something to do with it.

    Love the shade range too, very impressed!

  2. Wow – 11 days?! Impressive. I’ve had my eye on a black with multicolour glitter (no idea what it’s called) that they do, may have to take the plunge now!

  3. Wow, that is a lovely colour! How much is it?

  4. 11 days with no chipping?? impressive!! x

  5. Topshop nail polish will be on my shopping agenda tomorrow then 😀
    I’m wearing BarryM’s new shade Dusky (or Dusty?!) Mauve atm, which I saw on someone at work and loved! Apparently it’s a dupe for the Chanel LE “muddy-purple” shade…I like how it’s slightly duotone!