Nail Swatches & Review! Peripera DIY Magic Nail Kit Review in Magic Green

Currently extremely popular with Korean cosmetic companies are these nail polish sets that feature 2-3 polishes that can be used separately or together.  The sets are usually presented nicely in a box (so good for gifting) and are very reasonably priced!

I couldn’t resist this Peripera nail polish ‘DIY Magic Nail Kit’ because of the greens – green is my favourite colour!

Peripera DIY Magic Nail Kit Review 1

I have reviewed many Peripera nail polishes (the one that looks like a cat, yeah?!) and this is the first kit I have tried.  I don’t mind Peripera polishes – I find them quite easy to apply and they last ok. This set in Magic Green features 3 good sized polishes in a sheer shimmery white, a opaque rich emerald green and a glittery green.

They are all fine as stand alone nail polishes; the white sheer colour is surprisingly pretty on it’s own with its very very shine micro shimmer.  The basic colour is very opaque and rich and the glitter is a typical glitter with lots of different sizes and various colours (silver, blue, green shimmers).

The actual bottles are boring looking:

Peripera DIY Magic Nail Kit Review

Here are the other colours – all quite pretty I think:

PERIPERA New D I Y Magic Nail Kit 6 Colors Nail Polish Self Nail Art NIB Korea | eBay

PERIPERA New D I Y Magic Nail Kit 6 Colors Nail Polish Self Nail Art NIB Korea | eBay 1

After using these polishes, I’ve decided it’s quite a nice kit and I am in love with this kind of blue-mermaid-green colour anyway.  This polish lasted 2 days without chipping – polish has always chipped fairly quickly on me but then I am always doing household chores or writing with my hands :)

Here are the various combinations (but not the ‘effect’ and ‘sparkle’ polishes alone – I am sure you can imagine what they would look like):

Nail Swatches Review Peripera DIY Magic Nail Kit Review in Magic Green

My favourite is C, the basic and glitter.  I also like the sheer top coat on it’s own as it’s quite natural and pretty.

All in all this is quite a cute nail polish set. I paid around £7 for the set so it’ll be cheaper in Korea without the shipping charges etc. so it’s really not bad value at all considering even a high street polish costs £5-£10 these days!

Having said that I have no urges to buy any more of these at the moment – I just don’t have enough time to sit there and layer up my polishes. These work best with thinner layers and letting each coat dry, which makes me veryyyy impatient.

What do you think? Are these worth the effort?

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