Myroo Skincare Shea & Coconut Body Butter: Nothing to do with Kangaroos

So I had a facial a week ago (will review it later on) which seemed to remove a layer of my skin or something…to cut a long story short, that night I saw a black head, squeezed it and the next day I had a deep purple scar on my cheek – MY CHEEK! – where I had squoozeeennn it.

It was my fingernail marks too – I do this quite a lot and seriously, with far more force than I did that day but for some reason I had scarred. Horrific. It looked like I had some leftover mushroom on my face.

Anyway the nice people at Myroo saw my moaning on Twitter and offered to send me a bit of Vitamin E and Rosehip oil to treat the scar (don’t you all start moaning about how badly you need a Chanel handbag, now) and also one of their Shea & Coconut Body Butters to try:


Myroo is a small, independent UK based skincare company who use natural ingredients in their products – no SLS, palm oil or parabens.

This body butter looks like the inside of a Teacake:#alttext#

You know what I mean by a teacake? The small domed chocolate covered marshmallow thing with a biscuit base. Yummy.

This is a similar texture to that – it is very light. That’s the thing with shea and coconut butter – it’s all good but in it’s plain form, very heavy, very oily. I did wonder if this would just be a mixture of the two dumped into a glass pot.

Well it isn’t – it’s whipped and whipped (or tossed? who knows) into a fluffy, light texture which looks like it’s going to be oily but sinks in quickly with minimum greasy leftovers. At the same time a bit goes a long way as it starts to melt on contact with the body.


Also it’s fragrance free. It doesn’t smell of much which I like. I might look like a coconut but I don’t want to smell like one. Well, not today.

You an see the product here, it costs £13.

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  1. Jen says

    Looks like whipped cream…good enough to eat! I’ve not come across a coconut/shea butter product that isn’t strongly fragranced, so this makes a refreshing change

    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      Yeah! I know what you mean sometimes you don’t want anything too strongly scented!

  2. says

    wow, this reminds me of a meringue-type body moisturizer i got in brasil. I’ve never seen anything else with that consistency (and i loved it)..nice!