Myleene Klass Nails 24 Instant Manicure & Pedicure Wraps Review!

Whenever I see Mylenne Klass it brings back a terrifying memory of leaving my student flats many moons ago and being heckled by a group of lads who started singing “Pure & Simple” at me….Shudder. Borderline abuse that was.

Being heckled aside, Myleene who does all sorts of things (presenter, recording artist) now has a range of nail wraps.  Each set includes enough for the fingers and toes, as well as a nail file. There are 24 designs and some Valentines one out too. I was sent 2 to try:

Myleene Klass Nails 24 Instant Manicure Pedicure Wraps

I quite like nail wraps just because they’re quite an easy way to get a snazzy design.  In this case I put the design on my cousin, the teenager because I knew it would be right up her street.

Here are what the sheets look like:

Myleene Klass Nails 24 Instant Manicure Pedicure Wraps 1

These nail wraps are different – they don’t need heating up like Minx sheets do, and they come with a clear coat to seal it in.

In other words these are dummy proof. Just.

Myself and the teen did some cutting and sticking to do her nails – I had a decent photo but Mr C LOST IT, so now all I have are some iPhone pictures that the teen took. She looks jaundiced. But here it is – we put the clear coat on top too:

Myleene Klass Nails 24 Instant Manicure Pedicure Wraps

The teen is happy with the result.  I think these are easy enough to use but slightly on the thick side – say Minx wraps feel quite thin when you heat them and therefore they sick quite nicely on the nail, BUT they leave little margin for error.  The Myleene ones are thicker and therefore a bit harder to stick onto the nail, but you have more of a chance to pull it off and re stick it.

I found them a bit hard to match up to the teens nails, because she has quite small stubby nails!  I managed but it was tricky picking the best size.  My filing was so so – once again the thickness meant I ended up sawing a bit to get it off! A bit of practise makes perfect I’m sure.

Overall these are very easy to use.

You can buy Myleene’s nail wraps here (pack of 5 for £19.99).

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  1. says

    How long do they last? Are there better brands? I love the foil effect and I’m on the look for some nail wraps. Thank you!