My Stash: Sleek MakeUP i-divine Eyeshadow Palette Swatches & Review

For ladies who don’t know, Sleek MakeUP is a drugstore or highstreet cosmetic brand sold exclusively at Superdrug (and some online outlets) in the UK.

It began life as a range for darker skinned women (in terms of base – concealer, foundations etc.) but the colour products can, of course, be used with any skintone. I have noticed that they have recently expanded their base range so that there are options for lighter skins too.

Anyway – their 12 eyeshadow palettes cause much kerfuffle, simply because they are very good value, very pigmented and are just generally little gems in a sea of rather non-descript cosmetic stands.

Here are all the palettes from Sleek that I have collected (9 in total) – they are about £4.88 (the price seems to shift a little up or down – I can say that they are always less than £5). If I have missed any, let me know but I *think* these are all the palettes from Sleek to date.

Palette & Swatch Images right here!

1. Original Palette:

sleek i-divine palette original cosmetic candy-1.jpg


sleek original palette.jpg

My View:

The Original palette is such a great palette because its very balanced in terms of the shades it has to offer. Perhaps this is because Sleek never expected for it to be so successful (and that they would be releasing so many variations and palettes), so the Original kind of has a bit of everything – greens, blues, purple ,cream, beige, black, gold.

This palette is lovely and a great starting point for anyone interesting in these palettes.

Pigmentation & Texture: Excellent, Shimmery Shades

Status: Permanent

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2. Chaos:

sleek i divine palette chaos.jpg


sleek chaos.jpg

My View:

Chaos (I always find that word hard to spell) is my least favourite palette of the bunch. The shadows are supposed to be bright, and in a sense they are, but they are also matte and a little chalky. It makes them hard to wear sometimes and the colours in the palette are a little odd.

Nevertheless, I am glad I have it – I mean, £5 gets me a pencil sharpener and a slap in the face at Chanel so mustn’t grumble too much.

Pigmentation & Texture: Average, Matte, Somewhat Chalky

Status: Permanent

3. Storm:

sleek idivine palette in storm.jpg


sleek storm.jpg

My View:

Sleek launched Storm along with Chaos, if I remember correctly, which is a moody but stunning palette – neutral but not boring at all. There are some considerate mattes (I think its always great to have some mattes along with the super metallic shades) in there too.

All in all, a gorgeous palette – very practical and wearable but also easily adaptable for the evening.

Pigmentation & Texture: Pigmented, Matte and Shimmers

Status: Permanent

4. Jewels:

sleek i-divine eyeshadow in jewels.jpg


sleek jewels.jpg

My View:

Jewel is a LE palette and with a name like Jewels, you’d expect a knock out palette. However – I think this is the second weakest in this range. There isn’t a stand out colour here for me, and not enough twinkle (remember, its called Jewels!).

Still a nice palette – the dark green and burgundy make it worth the £5 alone but overall, not the best co-ordinated palette.

Pigmentation & Texture: Average to Good, Mainly shimmery metallics, a few semi-mattes.

Status: Limited Edition

5. Acid:

sleek i-divine palette in acid.jpg


sleek acid-1.jpg

My View:

Acid was released full of hot matte neons! Yay! My kinda fun palette. I’m starting to notice that Sleek put black in every nearly palette..don’t mind this as if I were just taking one of these babies out, I would definitely want a black to line and define. Their black is also very pigmented and smooth.

This palette is not faultless – the white, yellow and orange lack pigment and are a little chalky. However, the stunners in here – the two blues, the hot pink, the silver, the purple make this palette really good fun and well worth it.

Pigmentation & Texture: Average to Excellent, Mattes and Shimmers.

Status: Permanent

6. Safari:

sleek i divine palette in safari .jpg


sleek safari.jpg

My View:

This palette is very Safari-esque – those stunning greens and golds make it my kind of palette. The black in this palette is also metallic and soooo pigmented – its heaven. It does depend on what kind of shades you like – I love greens and golds and metallics so this palette is a real winner for me.

I also can’t fault the pigment, colour range or textures in this palette.

Pigmentation & Texture: Excellent, Metallic

Status: Limited Edition

7. Curious

(I couldn’t find the palette so had to reuse my old images, sorry):

sleek i divine curious.jpg
 Sleek MakeUP Curious i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette — Cosmetic Candy-1.jpg
Sleek MakeUP Curious i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette — Cosmetic Candy.jpg

My View:

Curious is a Limited Palette full of blues and greens. The pigment is good and everything about the palette is pretty and wearable although it lacks a consistent ‘theme’ or the knock out shade which makes the palette.

Having said that, this is a great palette that you can dip into. I have to say, I forgot I even had this to begin with (hence it lacks that ‘killer’ quality some of the other palettes have).

Pigmentation & Texture: Very Good, Shimmer and Metallics

Status: Limited Edition

8. Sunset:

sleek i-divine palette in sunset-1.jpg


sleek sunset.jpg

My View:

This palette was only launched this week and I rushed out to buy it. Its absolutely gorgeous – the texture seems more refined than the earlier palettes leaving a finer shimmer on the skin, the colours – that blue with the oranges – divine! Not everyone likes warm colours of course but this is such a beautiful palette and very aptly named I feel.

Pigmentation & Texture: Excellent, Metallic and a fine shimmer.

Status: Permanent

9. Graphite:

sleek i-divine palette in graphite cosmetic candy-1.jpg


sleek palette graphite.jpg

My View:

Graphite is the latest limited edition palette from Sleek (Oct 2009) and its beautiful. Once again, Sleek seem to have improved on their previous textures and there is a fine, soft finish.

The colours are all very pigmented and all obviously follow the Graphite theme – so yes some of the colours seem a bit same-ish with just a small variation, but that’s what I like about these palettes. The fact you can spend £5 and get a strongly ‘themed’ palette with all the greys and silvers you would ever need!

The purple is also a nice touch.

Pigmentation & Texture: Excellent, Metallic, Buttery soft!

Status: Limited Edition

10. Circus:




In this palette, the shadows feel firmer than usual which is a good thing. I love the blues and deep purple, though the lilac on the bottom row is the worst Sleek palette colour I have ever swatched – so little pigment – but I think that can be forgiven considering how interesting this palette is.

10. Good Girl:




Just as well that this is LE otherwise I wouldn’t have a reason to buy it.

11. Bad Girl:




Bad girl is the kind of palette that will appeal to loads of people; I think it’s smoky, sexy, lots of fun to use and yes, recommended. There are a lot more dark colours than light, but I personally prefer this.

On the downside?

The case

The case of the palettes can be a little stiff – I know with the latest palettes I had to go through a few before I found one I could open easily…but then again I am quite anal.


These eyeshadows are sooooooooooooooooo soft, that you have to be gentle with them. Drop them – they will smash. Press to hard with your brush and tons of product will come off. So be gentle with it!

Always ALWAYS check the palette before buying as I have taken a few broken palettes home.

Too Metallic?

The newer palettes have textures that are spot on, but some of the older palettes are intensely metallic. What I noticed is that if you use too much or you have dry skin, or fine lines, it can sometimes make it look a little worse. Use primer where necessary and use a light hand! Not too much metallic!


These palettes are sold in Superdrug but they sell out so quickly (especially LE palettes) and some girls have complained that their local Superdrug doesn’t get Sleek or the new palettes in. So sort it out Sleek & Superdrug!

The Last Word

I am just nit picking with the above points of course – I think its only right to list all possible pros and cons.

These palettes are fabulous. Every single palette has colours that are worth owning and 12 shades for under £5 is terrific value. Even the palettes that I didn’t think were *amazing* are still very good. Some of them are just drop dead gaw-jussssss.

I seriously don’t run out for any drugstore make up, but I always do for these palettes.

One word: Winner!

This post has taken me ages to do!!!! Do let me know if you like/have/dislike/want these palettes in the comments, or if you just feel sorry for me generally! :o)

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  1. says

    Hmm…I wonder if there’s a place online where I can get these all at once (I’m sure it won’t have some of the LE ones though..) ..they seem like such a good deal, and of course good quality. I can’t think of a drugstore line here that does that…

  2. Chica says

    Really great post Row :) I only have the first three which I bought while I was in Liverpool, where I live atm doesn’t stock Sleek at all grr!!
    The sunset palette looks gawwwwjus, think I might have to do some online searching :)

    • Row says

      Hey Chica

      Definately – the sunset I think is one of my top 3 favourites, the blues and oranges you can’t beat!

  3. says

    fabulous post! These palettes are absolutely gorgeous; makes me sad that they’re completely unavailable to me, but it’s probably a good thing as I’d want to collect them all and would start haunting all the superdrugs around.

    • Row says

      Hi Kuri

      I might do a giveaway with these palettes for international readers since they are so hard to come by!

  4. Halifax says

    Thanks so much for this post, put everything together for easy reference. Too bad I found it a little too late, as I got Chaos through a swap, not knowing it’s matte :-(

    • Row says

      Hi Halifax

      Glad you like it! See what you think of Chaos and let me know. Its my least favourite but it might work for you x

  5. says

    OMG This is the best blog post ever.
    I love the original, jewels,acid, safari,curious, sunset and graphite.
    top 3: acid, safari,graphite.
    bottom 2: chaos & storm.

  6. says

    AMAZING post! Well done it must’ve have you ages!

    I have three palettes so far, Original, Acid and Graphite (the last two purchased today so I haven’t had a chance to test them out yet). I really like Sleek but judging from the Original palette I did find them a little too metallic, I’m glad the texture of the newer palettes are slightly different. After reading this post and looking at the swatches I really want Sunset, Safari and maybe Chaos (I quite like matte shadows).

    Thanks for doing this xx

  7. Frännny says

    Hi Row,
    thank you sooo much for this post! It’s amazing!!! Thank you for putting so much effort in it!

    I would love to have the graphite-palette, but I’m from Germany and unfortunately we don’t have sleek makeup here (that would be so awesome cause the German drugstore make-up is either crap or too expensive so you could also buy high end make up). I tried to find the palette at ebay but it’s supposed to cost 25Euro what I find “a bit” much… :s
    If somebody knows anyplace online where you can get it (for a normal price!) please tell me!!! I just love the colours, they would go perfectly with my eyes.

    Thanks again for posting, keep up the good work! Always like to read your posts.

  8. Mazzy says

    In love with Graphite and Original!
    Hoping that they’ll stock up internationally soon… EBay sells these for crazy prices when I convert :(

    thanks for the review!

  9. Gabriela says

    All the palettes look gorgeous but I like specially Graphite and Safari.
    Thanks for all the swatches!

  10. says

    I’ve only just discovered this brand, the pigmentation is great and wares really well!
    I’m struggling trying to find some of the palettes though as Superdrug UK only seems to stock a limited amount? Does anyone know of any other sites to buy these as I’m still on the hunt for Safari, Jewels and Curious??

  11. gina says

    Just wondered in your opinion if the palettes Original, Safari, and Storm would look alright if I have a few faint lines around eyes. I am early 40’s and don’t want it to show more lines on eyelids. Thanks Gina

  12. Denise says


    Loved the info!! Good job!! However, I’m trying to purchase the jewel palette or any of these palettes for that matter. Can you connect me to a sit besides ebay or a trusted person?? so I may purchase??


  13. christina says

    amazing post, agreed!
    I knew I wanted graphite and sunset before your post – now I am tempted by safari too!
    what a pity this is UK only and ebay is a risk I guess, breakage-danger wise!

  14. says

    I just got my first two (LE) Sleek palettes in Safari and Curious, and I’m so pleased! Thank you for doing such a thorough post on them with swatches and everything, I just loved it – still am! Since I’m in Norway we can’t get Sleek without asking someone in the UK to CP, or even go on eBay, but I took my chances and got both of these on eBay. They arrived in perfect shape, and I don’t regret buying them! Once again, thank you so much!

  15. NatBham says

    Fantastic Post I absolutley lovvvvvvve these palletes and have 4 of them myself. I have to agree that the original one is the best and they have a few others with great colours but the matt texture can sometimes let them down. But overall for the price they are amazing !! lovely strong colours…

    • Row says

      Hi NatBham

      Yeah, some of hte other palettes aren’t as great but overall for the price, they are FANTASTIC!

  16. Katjamaria says

    Hi! I googled these palettes and found your swatches. They look gorgeous and thanks to you, I might order one online. The pictures in Sleek Makeup’s own webshop are just too small… this helps a lot to choose my shade! Thank you! :)

  17. Ingrid says

    Firstly, thanks for really good and interesting blog 😉
    I’m not from UK, i’m from Estonia, and I would reallllly like to have 2 of the Sleek palettes, but the problem is, that the delivery trough some website is too expensive for me, so I was wondering, if there is any possibility that you could help me out. I’d be sooo thankful. Maybe you could email me and let me know :)

  18. Naomi says

    Just wanted to stay thank you so much for this review! Amazingly helpful. Im a make up artist and only just came across sleek eyeshadow pallets! So fantastic! Keep writing xx.

  19. nikk3ty says

    I AM IN LOOOOVE!!! gah this is just horrible (only because i want them so bad)…i heard about these palettes from DulceCandy87 on youtube and when i saw your swatches i wanted to cry that the ones i really want are limited editions :(

    someone please help me out. im ordering online (since i live in California) divine, sunset, & storm….i still need to find somewhere to get safari (my ultimate fave) & graphite.

    it is not a want, it’s a NEEEEED 😛

  20. LoveShines says

    Hi Row! I know this is a damn old post, but just felt so compelled to want to drop you a comment saying thanks a bunch for doing this. So…thanks! It’s such a detailed review! Really appreciate your honest opinions in here too. I’m a Sleek convert now thanks to you…*hearts* Loving it muchh! Thanks! 😀

  21. says

    I feel like I’m late coming to the party =p but WOW! This post makes me want sleek so badly =( stupid US…hopefully we can get some soon! ^_^

    Great collection/stash/whatever you want to call it =D

  22. says

    I’ve only just recently discovered Sleek (I’m Australian and it’s not sold here), and this post is SO useful for checking swatches. Thank you for doing all that work! :-)

  23. Tracey says

    Thanks for this post!!!! Love the swatches and now I know which palettes I want. I have Sunset and that is the palette that got me hooks. Sadly…I live in the US so I have to order them from the Sleek website or find them on eBay. Thanks again! :)

  24. Tracey says


    I totally and completely agree with you! Know anyone who needs or wants a penpal? LOL

  25. Karukera says

    I’m french so please excuse my english.
    I like your post. I’m looking for informations on those palettes and you give me everything that i want to know. You do a great job. Your post is very complete.
    Thank you.

  26. Reema says

    Sleek have the new sparkle one, they also had circus, and bohemian and they have had good girl and bad girl, i have the first 3….superdrugs 3 for 2 on all make-up good time to buy it!!

  27. Lucciana says

    I’m a french girl and it’s very difficult finding sleek products in France. So, this post is really great for me, because I can order palettes because I saw swatches before order. Really sorry for my english, and thanks for this really nice post.

  28. Sam says

    Thank you for this post! So helpful and the palettes are amazing!! Dying to get them in Canada.

  29. winterysummerday says

    Thank you for this wonderful post! The swatches are great and your analyses are so helpful to me (I am deciding whether to buy some other palettes to add on to my collection :P).

  30. says

    O my goodness, I’ll always come back to this to see which palette I want! It’s a great “catalogue” entry! And already, I’m wanting the original and acid palette, even circus, sunset and curious look good! Can u rate your most to least favourite of the Sleek palettes you own and tell us why??

  31. Davinia says


    Thanks a lot for writting this entry! Really usefull and it helped me a lot the fact you put them in your skin so I could see how it looks on skin!


  32. MONA says

    we donot have those in egypt but i think the best swatches and colour selection are storm safari and jewels i loved them !! i hate it when palettes have similar shades like dark grey and light and black and it feels useless , better to have colours that complements each other but not necessarily similar shades and they’d better by metal or pearl finish because those matt ones are flat to me not all matts of course i LOVE the skin toned taupy brown latte colours they look gorgeous with red lipsticks and eyeliner flicks ! WOW i talk too much ^ ^ thnQ 4 the review tho

  33. Keerthi says

    This is a great post! Thanks so much for swatching all the palettes, I was so confused, didnt understand which to get but now Ive zeroed down on i-Storm, its the most beaaautiful shade for me :)
    Thanks again! :)