My Stash: Fyrinnae Pigment Eyeshadow Swatches: Purples

Part three now – here are some purple (or purple-ish!) Fyrinnae pigment eyeshadows I have. Unlike the browns and greens, these aren’t quite the knockout shades I expected, but they are still totally gorgeous.


Fyrannaie Pigments Eyeshadow Purple sluagh.jpg

A mid toned purple with gold infused in it.


Fyrannaie Purple Pigment Changeling Eyeshadow.jpg

A dark metallic grey-purple. Its quite unusual…

Fyre and Ice:

Fyrannaie Pigment Eyeshadow Purple Fyre and Ice.jpg

Is a very dark pigment, looks almost blue on the skin but its so dark it keeps you guessing. I think red flecks could have been nice in this eyeshadow – then it would be like Fyre and Ice!

Chaotic Muse:

Fyrannaie Pigment Eyeshadow Purple Chaotic Muse.jpg

Sort of a dark aubergine with blue flecks. Its very pretty although not as stunning on my skin as I expected.

Fyrannie Pigment Eyeshadows Purple .jpg

I love Fyre and Ice the most, followed by Sluagh, which by the way, is a really displeasing word to write.

Yay or Nay?

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