My new snack obsession: Meji Meltykiss Chocolate Sweets

Since this is the season of gorging I seriously had to share with you my new favourite treats!

I saw these on eBay and decided to get them because generally, I love Meji sweets! Theres Meltykiss chocolates are limited edition and I got one in Strawberry and one in Green Tea. I LOVE them.


I especially love the green tea ones – I couldn’t stop eating them it’s like my run in with Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups all over again. Unfortunately at the time of writing they’ve all gone :(


If anyone knows where I can purchase these online let me know!

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    Try it here :)

  2. they sell them at any japanese grocery stores. got any of those nearby??

  3. Thanks for the links!!! I have a daughter who loves anything Japanese. :) Her main obsession right now is Shugo Chara. :)

  4. They probably sell it in Japancentre in London so if you’re ever in London you should take a look =), xanax buy online, flomax and viagra