My new make up bag: Nikki Farquharson for MAC pouch!

A few months back I purchased a pretty new make up bag for myself from MAC (The Illustrated Kits collection, which also included two designs from illustrators Julie Verhoeven and Francois Berthoud) – But it was this bright Aztec-African-Curvy-Abstract striking design that caught my eye, and I liked the compact size of it – oh yes – this would be my new handbag make up bag!

Here it is; the design is by Nikki Farquharson, a freelance graphic artist based in London.

My new make up bag Nikki Farquharson for MAC pouch

That is the box it comes in…

The bag comes in in two sizes, I chose the petite size which is just a bit bigger than my hand. It’s small but it’s a great one for handbags if you are trying to keep a slim collection on you, and it has stretch. The material is  bit weird; it’s matte and feels like textured cotton and perhaps this helps make the design stand out more, but it does feel a bit strange in the hand. On the plus side it stretches for just oneeeee more lip gloss. 

Nikki Farquharson for MAC

There’s a nice little ‘handle’ detail on the side which is quite nice to have – I find myself picking it up using that if I am worried my hands have some make up on them and I don’t want to stain the bag. 

There is a zip closure too which is nice and secure:

Nikki Farquharson for MAC Bag

There’s a nice post here from Nikki’s blog showing her creative process when designing these bags.  I love looking at hand drawn illustrations, it makes a difference from a lot of the mass produced designs that are around these days.

I can’t remember exactly what I paid for this anymore, I believe it was between £20-25 and it was Limited Edition but there are still some floating around on eBay. I’ve never been tempted by a MAC product like this before but I really love it – it’s funky and makes me look like I don’t have an abnormal amount of make up!

Are you a cute make up bag lover, do you not care about your storage methods, or do you just throw items into your handbag? 

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    Ahhh! I love this bag!! … and to answer your question …Yes, I am (or was) a makeup-bag-buying fiend … I have them in different sizes, at different prices – each time I bought a bag genuinely believing (lying to myself) that it would be my very last makeup bag purchase – but alas it was not. Sense has caught up with me though and I have thankfully stopped buying them (gave a good deal away). It didn’t really make much sense to keep buying more, when the most efficient one for my daily use was/is from Primark and cost(s) less than £3 (I think?) … if the design on this MAC bag was laminated it would have been perfect! – I so understand where your coming from about staining it … makeup can get messy – thanks for sharing :)