My new Karin Herzog Skincare Trial!

Karin Herzog sent me a set of skincare to try a week or two ago and as usual, I have collapsed into a tired heap at night, unable to properly use the skincare in the manner I am supposed to.

BUT! Its a new week! I want to it be a good week. I have exciting things happening in my “real” life, so I am also going to take care of my skin, properly…

karin herzog-10.jpg

My consultation seemed a little complicated at first. If I am honest I am still getting my head around it, but I think I’ve got it now more or less.

So, at night my first step is to CLEANSE with the Chocolate cleanser, wiping off with a hot flannel:

karin herzog-3.jpg

This is quite a thick gel cleanser – it smells like chocolate, reminds me of a doll I used to have. So far I have double cleansed with it to get all the slap off (if I have been wearing it in the day).

chocolate karin herzog.jpg

I use this Oxygen Face Cream day and night:

karin herzog-5.jpg

Its got a light texture and it felt sticky for a moment, but this quickly disappeared. Doesn’t really smell of anything in particular. (The morning routine is very simple, I use this Oxygen cream and thats it – skin doesn’t need cleansing).

karin herzog-6.jpg

Twice a week I use this Rose Exfoliating Gel at night, and use 2-3 drops of the facial oil:

karin herzog-4.jpg

Other nights I use this mild scrub mixed with a bit of water to work away blackheads:

karin herzog mild scrub.jpg

Its a fine textured scrub…

karin herzog-7.jpg

This Vita A Kombi 3 is for spots, would you believe! I apply this day and night to any spots:

karin herzog-8.jpg

Not like a normal spot cream. Only used a few times will let you know if it works!

karin herzog-9.jpg

Finally the Oxygen Body cream is used to massage into the Lymph nodes to clear blockages in the areas. I am still trying to fine mine but I will do this every night (or get the Mr to do it for me :D)

Karin Herzog.jpg

This has a very light, very airy texture:

Karin Herzog-1.jpg

It sinks in ok, the texture is unusual. It made my skin tingle a little. Once again too soon to say but I like the concept behind it (oxygen being suspended in the cream).

karin herzog-2.jpg

By the way, you can win your own Karin Herzog skincare set & consultation but the way, enter here.

I’ll let you know in one month if my skin is any better. God knows it needs some TLC!

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  1. Sashkadu says

    Hmmn, interesting as I have been researching this product without much success. There seems to be next to NO independent reviews online of this brand, but they do seem to be big on sending bloggers free product to try/promote. It almost seems as though they are policing what is said about it. There is also a very suspicious AOL piece which is clearly paid for advertising (the dramatic before and after pictures demonstrating the success of a cellulite cream are provided by KH itself) but doesn’t state as much. There is some evidence that hydrogen peroxide, which is the main active ‘oxygen’ ingredient of this line, can cause damage to skin’s cell renewal process over time. Be great to see how the product works for you. I have tried it and got some good results at first (be careful as it will bleach hair/eyebrows) but would love to hear what other people think. Look forward to your review.

  2. Jemma says

    Hi Sashkadu,

    The AOL article you refer to was written by me, I’m a freelance journalist (National Union of Journalists no: 24167) and was wholly independent when I wrote that piece. I do now also work for Karin Herzog UK, but only because I was genuinely impressed by the products.

    The photos you refer to in the AOL article were taken by the Daily Mail as part of an independent trial. We subsequently bought the rights to these images, which is why you see them used elsewhere.

    We are working with lots of bloggers at the moment, but we in no way police what they say about us. We provide them with in-depth skincare and advice, and then the right products for their skin, that way they get the best results. We do not see any of the copy written about us before it is published, or have any influence over their opinions.

    The reason we’ve chosen to work with bloggers is because we believe that word of mouth if the best way to promote our products. If bloggers get results they pass on the word – a much more believable form of promotion than ads in glossy magazines.

    Our products have been featured in magazines and newspapers such as the Daily Mail, Grazia, The Sunday Times and Cosmopolitan, and online with MSN, AOL, Product Placement the Blog, Beauty Junkie London, and on Youtube with Oxford Jasmine. Please feel free to contact any of the above if you do not believe their comments about Karin Herzog products to be sincere.

    Hydrogen peroxide is natural element to the human body and is vital to our health and vitality. It works with the immune system and is instrumental in helping heal and repair and also fight infection.

    What Dr Herzog did, and what was sheer genius was to dedicate 4 years of his retirement to working to stabilise and FIX H2O2 in a gentle and light, hydrating and comforting cream, and that is our formula.

    This is why we have the original patent for the stabilisation of H2O2 in a cream and why when using our product you are assured that all you are doing is using Hydrogen peroxide as the carrier of oxygen and water.

    We also always recommend that you wipe any residue of the product from your eyebrows and hairline.

    In the end the only way to make up your mind about our products is to try them, so please get in touch if you would like any skincare or product advice.

    Best wishes

  3. says

    I have heard from friends great things about the oxygen cream which i always wanted to try (as im sold on the idea) and some of the chocolate products. lol
    Keep me updted on ow it works for you maybe ill try it out for myself!

  4. Audra Smith says

    “Products are great – service from Karin Herzog UK is terrible!”

    After being a loyal Karin Herzog product fan for over 8 years, I can honestly say the products are great albeit pricey. Therefore, it’s been a real shame the way the UK distributor service has gone downhill over the last 12 months. I have been waiting over 3 months for a delivery from them. Telephone calls and even a formal complaint letter to their MD has produced no response. The products (when they used to arrive) were well packed. Now, they just send £70 worth of product in the cheapest jiffy bag possible. I have been left with no alternative but to now claim my money back through my credit card company. Such a shame. If you’re prepared to wait 3 months plus for a delivery, then these are great products. But no company, however good the products are, should be allowed to treat consumers in this way.