My new favourite lipbalm: Skincology Advanced Hydrating Lip Conditioner

When other kids were collecting keyrings and take that stickers at high school I was busy collecting lipbalms – mainly The Body Shop lip butters or Boots own brand.

Then I realised that when you use certain lip balms, it leaves the lips constantly dry and unable to cope when not slathered in the stuff. Yet I do have dry lips so have a habit of buying new lip balms constantly.

My favourite was Le Mer’s ridiculously priced lip balm – but now…I think I have a new one.

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Skincology Advanced Hydrating Lip Conditioner is a medicinal looking balm from Niu Er.

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I ordered this on the whim because I needed a replacement item. The ingredients list looks pretty standard:

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The lipbalm is scentless and of a smooth texture. Not too heavy and not too light, just…right. The balm is also quite rich and lasts a while on the lips – it doesn’t need a lot of reapplication.

What I also like is that although it looks white it doesn’t leave any pigment on the lips – I find other balms can wash out the lip colour I am wearing (or want to wear).


The main reason I like this so much is because it also deals with the flaky bits. I have flaky bits on the inside of my lips which are a bummer and seem to be an ongoing problem. This lipbalm really smoothed them out and made my lips look like they are in the best condition ever.

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In a sense, lipbalm is lipbalm – each to their own on this, but I prefer a colourless, odourless formula that stays on the lips, feels moderately rich but doesn’t change the way lip colour looks on top and works well for the flakies and doesn’t need reapplication too often. And this is it.

I got this for £8.69 from here (I’ll put the direct link because the site is sooooo hard to navigate). I love it though, I am going to order the eye gel from this advanced hydrating range.

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