My new eye make up remover crush by Boots Botanics

I am super fussy about my eye make up removers, and not by choice. I wear super long wearing eyeliner and mascara which is difficult to get off. What can I say? I have watery eyes.

There are 2 eye make up removers I like (and I really have tried them all, high end and low end) – Kose Softymo (which is my HG) and Lancome Bi-Facial (but its too expensive).

So I was excited to the this new Boots Botanics Organic nourishing eye make up remover which is very olive oil based.

boots botanics.jpg

The texture was a surprise – its a thick gel, you can feel the oily quality in it but its very nice. Will you like it if you normally use very liquid, watery type of make up remover? I’m not sure but I personally like how nourishing it feels and also the fact it feels like it will get my many layers of slap off.

DSC03165 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

So, some people just use olive oil as an eye make up remover. I have tried this and it stings my eyes like hell, leaving them red and raw. It was a posh extra virgin one too!

The ingredients are pretty good:

DSC03164 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg


I love it! The texture feels quite new but it was extremely effective with getting the make up off, eyeliners, eyeshadow etc and most of all, it didn’t sting. I think it was about £7.60 so much cheaper than Bi Facial and easier to get hold of than my Softymo.


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  1. MandyP says

    Hmmm… I shall have to scour my local Tar-jay to see if this item might be in stock. I’m guessing it won’t be (not yet, anyway). The Boots selection at Target is always pitiful, but here’s hoping this arrives stateside, soon.

    • Row says

      Hey my lovely

      Where have u been! !!! Its quite a new one too this eye make up remover – its very good I like, I like 😀

      I want a Tar-Jay in the Uk so I can say, Hey guys! I’m going down to Tar-Jay!