My London Weekend and Haulage!

Hallo ladies!

Last week I spent a few days in London for business and pleasure. Everytime I go, time flies by and I never actually get round to any sight seeing. This time for the sake of “adventure” me and Mr Candy took the Bus which was a 4.5 hour journey.

Never again. I never used to be travel sick but now I totally am, and I tried to sleep through the shaky, bumpy journey for most of it. I was so exhausted and I will never, ever take the mega bus/coach again. I’d rather scooter down.

Anyway, this time I had lots of things I wanted to haul and I did quite well! Here are some bits I picked up:

1. Uniqlo

I went here for some Paul & Joe Beaute T-Shirts!

As we wondered down Oxford Street, we popped into a Uniqlo store to ask if it was the Flagship. The conversation went like this (no lie).

Me: “Excuse me, is this the Flagship store?”

Lady: “No, this is Uniqlo”

Me: “Oh yes…but is this the Flagship Uniqlo store?”

Lady: “No, all our clothes are imported from Japan.”

As I backed away slowly, I realised I would have to have a rummage in every Uniqlo store I walked past and eventually we found the Flagship store. Upstairs were the Paul & Joe Beaute t-shirts!

I got this:

Paul & joe beaute tshirt uniqlo-1.jpg

And this:

Paul & Hoe Uni Qlo Tshirts-1.jpg

I think the best designs had gone but I found 2 I thought were ok anyway. I also bought a Aristocrat’s t-shirt because I am 4:

Uni Qlo Aristocrats T shirt-1.jpg

Prices are good, £12.99 for the Paul & Joe, £6.99 for the Aristocrats.

2. Top Shop

I spotted Orelia Jewellery so made a visit to the store especially. I ended up buying quite a few things (d’oh!).

I got some earrings that were in the sale at £7 and £10 each:

orielia jewellery.jpg

I love these ones:

Oriela Earrings blog post.jpg

I got this long necklace – turquoise/green is my favourite colour and this is quite lightweight:

Orelia JEwellery necklace.jpg

I also bought 2 bracelets but I’m gutted as the leather cord bracelet doesn’t fit me! it wraps around but I don’t have very small wrists so it doesn’t go round properly. ARGH!

Orelia Bracelets jewellery.jpg

Closer look on the bracelet that DOES fit me!

Orelia Bracelet gold turuqoise.jpg

I hope I can return the bracelet at the Manchester Top Shop – possibly not if they don’t have the same concession but the leather bracelet cost me £20 :/

3. Japan Centre

I always go into the Japan centre to buy some beauty magazines. The top 3 that I always buy if they have them in stock is: VOCE, Biteki and Maquia. They aren’t cheap at all at around £10.20p each but I love looking at the pictures.

VOCE and MAQUIA Magazine .jpg

Not very interesting this month if I’m honest, though.

They also had half price sushi (it was about 8.30pm) amazing! We bought loads to take back to the hotel. I also always buy snacks to take home. I saw these cute rice toppers and had to get them. Once contains salt and black sesame, one has cod roe:

Cod Roe Sesame Black Rice topping.jpg

Here’s what they look like! They just add a little flavour to plain rice:

Cod Roe Japanese Rice topping.jpg

The sesame topping:

Japanese Rice topping sald and black sesame.jpg

One thing I did notice – and this has happened to me before at The Japan Centre – is that they have items which are pretty close to their sell by date. One of the toppings expires in 02/11, one in 07/10 which is only 2.5 months away. I have had this happen to me before…I may contact them because I think its a little sneaky.

4. MAC at Westfields

The second day we went to Westfields which was a lovely looking shopping centre, a bit like The Trafford Centre in Manchester but with less teenagers wheeling buggies.

I innocently wanted to look in MAC for the mineralized loose powder foundation – got to the door and was stopped by security who told me I had to queue even though there was a bout 12 people inside and just little old me who wanted to get in.

Mr Candy stared, extremely bemused by this, and about 8 minutes later I was let into Mecca…oh wait no. The MAC shop.

I was largely shoved out of the way for a while but – to their credit – someone did serve me (I see this as a miracle) and I made my way with 2 little buys.

MAC make up mineralized.jpg

I got the mineralized foundation in Medium Plus and the Lip Glosss in English Accents:

MAC Mineralised foundation .jpg

Nothing exciting really, after I had spent time queuing I felt like I had to buy something.

5. Inglot at Westfields

Inglot was different from MAC – a bigger shop, nice sales assistants (but in all honestly a little pushy – I was stalked from the moment it was clear I was buying).

Another one of the girls clocked my newly painted fingers, and asked if I had a manicure. Yes, I said (and it hurt too).

“Where I am from…it actually looks like you’ve had a manicure” she said, inspecting my fingers. I didn’t tell her the manicure in question only happened 4 hours earlier.

Nevertheless, the palette system is soooo cool and the colours are pigmented and beautiful. You pick a palette (holding 2, 3, 5, 20 – all sorts of shapes and sizes) and fill it with what you like!

INGLOT eyeshadow and blusher palettes.jpg

The blush palette was £26:

INGLOT Blusher palette.jpg

My opinionated SA wouldn’t let me pick anything too light for my skin (I wanted a highlighter!) but nevertheless, I was so impressed by the pigmentation of these blushers:

Inglot Blusher palette-1.jpg

I got a matte peach, a lighter shimmery peach, a peach-pink which looks a lot like Nars Orgasm and a bronzer shade:

INGLOT westfields blusher palette.jpg

I also bought a 10 pan eyeshadow set for £32. I could have so easily bought another 20 so I just went with my gut instinct.

INGLOT eyeshadow westfields palette.jpg

The eyeshadows are lovely, so soft and pigmented, totally impressed with it.

I chose a nude base (matte), a highlighter, a gold, a warm and cool brown, me being me and loving blues and greens I got a bright blue, bright green, lime green, the nicest purple I could find and a black infused with gold glitter.

Sensible? Its the best way to cover all bases I could think of!


INGLOT eyeshadow westfields.jpg

6. Hamleys

In Hamleys I basically got abused by every Toy Demonstrator on every level, the guy who blasted cold air in my face and the one that honked his horn at me as I emerged at the top of the escalator and made me shriek (on a PMT day he would have got a black eye).

Nevertheless, what an amazing shop!

Actually I picked up lots of things for my cousins (all 15 and younger) and got myself:

Hello Kitty Reviews Hamleys Toys Mario Star.jpg

A little Hello Kitty notebook and a tin Super Mario 1-up Star filled with mints! I love Super Mario – Nintendo Til I Die!

London was a lot of fun but too brief. I walked so hard the heel of my shoe fell off. I kept walking even though I knew it had fell off I was too ashamed to pick it up (Mr Candy rescued it, men are better at things like that).

Finally I will say:





What did you do this weekend and what did you haul?

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  1. says

    Thank you, thank you, thank youuu for reviewing the Inglot powder blushes! I have read up a few reviews on their cream blushes and for a while I had a doubt as to whether or not they had any powder ones! *Adds to to-buy list* :)

  2. Holly-Rae says

    Totally gonna check out these places next time I’m in London, I love the Aristocats tee (“A lady does not start fights but she can suuure finish them”) hehe.

    As for haulage, I got your package from the blog sale! I had it delivered to my boyfriend’s so only got it a few days ago since I’ve been away. I wanted to say thank you so, so much for all the sweeties and brush set and the little note, it felt like opening a gift and it cheered me up loads! Later on that day I bought a navy dress printed with swallows (which I had to take back the second I got home due to the zip being busted >_<) and a leather jacket from New Look for £40 in the sale. It was my lucky day! xx

  3. says

    Nice haul :) I especially love the Topshop jewellery. Shame the leather cuff doesn’t fit, that one is my favourite!

  4. liloo says

    pompous gits at mac.
    pff, who do they think they are.
    your inglot purchases look fabulous, how gorgeous are those shadows xx

  5. kirsty says

    I can’t believe you didn’t go to Cyber Candy for me :(

    Jealous of your Aristocats tee! Those Inglot blushes look amazing! I wish they’d open up a few more stores closer to home. Nottingham is supposedly amazing for shopping these days, so we deserve more awesome stores!

  6. says

    NTID! hell yeah!! 😀 Adorable purchases, the blush palette looks IMMENSE! Wish I lived near an Inglot store, that second blush on the left… WOW! the rice toppers, sweet packaging, I’m a sucker with the :3 cutesy face!! Loving your t-shirt haul + Orelia haul! xx

  7. says

    Love the account of your weekend! Talk about haulage.
    Although I shouldn’t talk – I hauled in Taipei even though I was exhausted with a cold.