My little London Hauls….

I’ve got some really cool things coming up for the blog which hopefully will be interesting for you guys – until then, here is one of those aimless, look at what I’ve been spending me pension on posts.

I spent the weekend in London and here are some of the things I bought home with me!

The Shu Uemura shop in Covent Garden had a small but significant 70% off sale!

shu uemura sale.jpg

The Gold Mode palette, for example was down from £45 to £11! Amazing!

At the Japan Centre I bought this book by Japanese skin guru, Chizu Saeki:

chizu saeki.jpg

I am in LOVE with this book. I will be doing a full breakdown and review shortly.

(Keep reading, pic heavy!)….At the Shu shop, they also have new larger palettes (that take 32 shadows I think). All my Shu shadows are already in palettes but I feel like having a play and putting my best ones into this huge one!

shu uemura palette.jpg

I got two of the £10 grab bags in Jelly Pong Pong. This one with the Wake Up Make Up set and the Cherry Pie:

jelly pong pong.jpg

And this one has a small brush set and a lip gloss/balm set:

jelly pong pong-1.jpg

Also at the Japan Centre I went a bit mad with my Beauty Magazines –

DSC03959 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

Where are my freebies! You normally get amazing freebies with these mags! I also bought Voce.


I bought this from Camden for Baby Gomez (I am the cousin):

baby bib.jpg

From ArtBox I got some random bits, like a little flower mirror, a pencil case and sewing kit:


Got a cheap Pucci Style necklace for £5 in Camden – just realised the ends are a bit tatty – should have checked properly!:

pucci necklace.jpg

I also got 2 of these keyrings that look quite handmade from the market – 2 for £5

cute keyrings.jpg

Have you seen these about? These balls are called Eco Soil – you soak them for 6 hours and they become quite large, erm, balls, that you can put into a vase and it lasts for 2 years. Much nicer than brown soil!

eco soil.jpg

I have a sick notebook addiction so I picked up this cute Betty Boop one – for all my Cosmetic Candy Developments?

betty boop notebook.jpg

Just one holiday snap – Megan, star of YouTube at the Roller Disco (learning to skate too, poor thing). Me? I wimped out! I don’t remember roller skating being so hard, it must be like when my mother says she can’t remember when she forgot how to use the DVD player.

roller disco.jpg

Did you have a good weekend?

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