My Halloween Look 2009

Happy Halloween! Did you have a good one?

I’m afraid I completely avoided the glow in the dark fangs and plastic pumpkin buckets this year, as I was, for once in my life, not babysitting – readers, I was ditched by a 9 year old. She had other plans.

That said, who needs a snotty, nit-infested brat to have fun on ghoul night anyway? (bitter? moi?).

Here is the look I did on Halloween which did not quite turn out as cattish as I wanted, but hey, the cat liked it:

cat halloween look .jpg

I’m on the right.

See more pics after the jump!Here is what I used. I was going for a pinky base with a bit of white and pink sparkle.


cat look make up.jpg

Urban Decay Brightening Primer

Jelly Pong Pong Complexion Enhancer in Pink

RMK 103 Liquid Foundation

Skinfood Rice Concealer

Lavshuca Loose Powder

New ID Cosmetics All Over Shimmer Powder in Ice Pop

Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighter in Sweet to Touch

Stila Contouring Palette


eye pic cat eye.jpg

Shu Uemura White Pencil (dual ended)

Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black

Trish McEvoy Finish Line

MAC Pigment in Helium

MAC Pigment in Reflects Gold

Barry M Extreme Waterproof Mascara

Fake Lashes

Shiseido Eyelash Curlers

*About the contacts – I ordered some from a company from Four Eyez a week ago but they haven’t arrived due to the UK postal strike, so I went out to buy some super dodgy looking ones from a strange shop that had UV paint on the walls and bars that go through nipples.

I chickened out of wearing them because I have never worn contacts before, ever, and I have quite a few eye problems as it is (as the eye Dr said “I think you should stop wearing make up“).

So the cat eyes have been added with Photoshop, but I haven’t done any other editing on my face or make up so you have a fairly accurate interpretation of the colours/finishes.


barry m cat lips.jpg

Barry M Lipstick in 147

What I learned from Halloween this year:

1. Children ditch you once they reach the age of 9 and they no longer need you to buy them wobbly plastic witches fingers

2. Cats don’t like fireworks

3. It is possible to get to Halloween and not see a single pumpkin

4. Cats don’t like to be in photographs

5. Contact lenses are scary, but not as scary as the places you have to buy them from

Hopefully you enjoyed the look anyway – what did you do for Halloween? What make up did you do? Did you get ditched by a child?

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  1. says

    The eyes are FREAKY!!!!

    I have two years left before Miss London ditches me then. She gave a running commentary on the pumpkin guts as she and Mr L carved the pumpkins, then dressed as a spider witch to “trickle treat” with me (she misheard us a couple of years ago, and it’s too cute to correct.)

    • Row says

      Hi Grace

      Yep….you will be ditched its a matter of time before Miss L decides to hang about on Halloween night with a bottle of White lightening in hand

  2. says

    Meeeoooowww – thanks for pointing out which one you are in the picture – I didn’t like to ask…. That contact lens shop sounds “interesting” by the way!

  3. MandyP says

    I’m sorry to hear that the ‘cat-eyes’ were photoshopped in; I was really hoping you’d be forced to do a Thriller-based look next year (y’know, to get extra mileage out of the contact lenses). Promise me you’ll at least dress the cat up as MJ next year.

  4. Jess says

    Oohh you look so cute!!

    Btw, just received the parcel today in perfect condition. Thanks for all the xtra goodies too!

  5. Manders says

    ooh I thought they were real lenses too! Kitty’s got some competition 😀
    (& I got ditched by A FIVE YEAR OLD. Apparently the other parents are cooler than me. hmph.)

  6. liloo says

    I absosutely love this!
    and the photo of you and the cat is just priceless hahaha
    his face. That’s your thumbnail picture right?