My favourite turquoise eyeliners! Nars Khao San Road & Abbey Road

I absolutely love an good turquoise disco disco disco eyeliner but it’s quite hard to find the right shade and formula. I have looked as brown chocolate eyeshadow with a line of turquoise is one of my favourite looks. 

Then, I happened to find this NARS Larger than Life Abbey Road eyeliner once when buying my foundation – thought what the hell, give it a go (Nars eyeliners is one product from the brand I don’t go nuts for) and I REALLY love it. Abbey Road is my favourite turquoise eyeliner and it lasts too.

My favourite turquoise eyeliners Nars Khao San Road Abbey Road

Then NARS released two new shades with their spring collection, one being another perky blue looking liner, Khao San Road.  I didn’t have Abbey Road with me to compare in the shop but the SA told me it was a Limited eyeliner (don’t know if she was lying but I bit!) so I purchased this bright also turquoise-ish liner to work along side Abbey Road.

NARS Later Than Life Long Wear Eyeliner is a swivel up pencil liner with a build in sharpener, so you can make the tip pointy. I think the pencil is a tad long, and as you don’t sharpen the actual pencil, it will ALWAYS been long, which means it will ALWAYS stick out awkwardly in my make up bag of choice. 

It is supposed to give 12 hour wear without smearing or caking. They are quite expensive at £19 each. 

Next to each other:

My favourite turquoise eyeliners Nars Khao San Road Abbey Road 1

Once I watched these together I knew they were quite different – Abbey Road is deep turquoise, teal-azure type blue and Khao San Road is a bright luminous fresh metallic sky blue.  Abbey Road has the depth to line my eyes well without the need for black and Khao San Road is more of a highlight and I wouldn’t wear it on my waterline without some other darker liner. 

My favourite turquoise eyeliners Nars Khao San Road Abbey Road 2

I have been wearing Abbey Road on my waterline all over then Khao San Road just on the inner corner (near the tear duct) and I really like it – Adds a bit more dimension but if you were to only buy one of these, Abbey Road is my favourite. 

My favourite turquoise eyeliners Nars Khao San Road Abbey Road 3

I think this eyeliner lasts really well – I always have some on even at 2am in the morning,  BUT, it will travel downwards throughout the day so if it starts on my waterline, it will move down and settle a little into any fine lines I have. It’s not the worst at all, but I wouldn’t say it is 100% bullet proof no matter what but it’s still very good. 

See the full range on the NARS site.


*Purchased by me 

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