My favourite curling tongs: Ego Professional Twister Ego Curling Tongs Review

I love having curly hair, but, I do find it tricky with my extremely (not from choice!) layered hair.

At the moment I have a few conical wands – yes they are great, but they are also tricky when you have short and long hair and if you don’t pay attention, like me, you are easily burned. Ouch.

I LOVE my rollers but they take quite a lot of time to put in.

I like my Remington Spin Curl too, but my hair isn’t long enough to use it right now!

I’ve had these curling tongs for ages and finally, I present to you, my favourite way to get quick curls!


These curling tongs are from Ego and I’ve had them for about 7 months! I have used them religiously, regardless of what phase my hair is in, so I can say they really are my favourite curlers!

The barrel is 1¾” and it has temperatures up to 210 degrees.


With typically straight Asian hair, I find my hair doesn’t hold curl very well. I remember being about 14 and spending hours curling my hair with this kit – curls would fall out within an hour!So why do I like this curler so much?

Well it heats up quickly – when I was younger, you had to turn the curler on, leave the room to have your dinner, then come back to curl your hair because it took so long to get your hair curly!

Turn the curler on with this button (you need to hold it down for a while) and then it’s hot in a minute or two.


I also think the barrel size is ideal – it works on my shorter layers and on my long hair too. It gets pretty hot (be careful) but the curl really does stay in place until I wash my hair again.

I prefer this to a conical wand (although I think they are excellent too) purely because I can use this with one hand, and I am more in control (feels a bit safer with me being clumsy).



Most curlers like this, with a clamp are crap but this one is really excellent. Worth the investment.

They’re on sale at Feel Unique for £78.30.

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  1. Linh says

    Thank you so much for doing this review! I’m on the hunt for a curling iron that works on asian hair so this review was really helpful. Would love to see some pics of your hair curled with this device too!

    Do you normally put product in your hair before you use this curling iron? And can you curl your hair with this if your hair is newly washed and blowdried?

    Thanks again!