My Current Vitamins!

One of my resolutions this year was to look after myself more on the inside and out; I want to be around to see my son grow up, so one thing that I always mean to do but never do, is take supplements that are of benefit to me. 

I think I am bad at this because a lot of supplements need to be taken with a meal, and I don’t always remember after a meal, and I don’t have big breakfasts or lunches.  However, I have been fairly good at keeping up with my newest set of supplements which are as follows:


Let me talk you through these!

1. Zita West DHA – I reviewed these and the reason I still take them is because they are quite high purity DHA supplements (fish oils). This is 2 per day with food, but I generally just have 1. 

2. DHC – The Japanese division make a ton of different supplements. At the moment I am concerned about my vision which is getting worse so I take two of these per day which is bilberry extract for eyesight. 

3. Lutein – This is another supplement for my eyes (I am that concerned!) and it seems to really help. 

4. Zita West Post Natal Vitamins – I do think Zita’s pregnancy vitamins are the best but they are also expensive, and so hard to take because they are huge, and it’s 3 per day (annoying).  However I will (and have) finish these off but if I were to have another baby I would still buy hers because I do think they are better quality than Sanatogen and Vitabiotics. 

5. As part of my Environ skincare routine, I am also taking these Advanced Nutrition Vitamin C (500mg) tablets which promotes and protects collagen production. This is just 1 a day.

6. I am taking Regenovex for my joints – I swear my knees are going – and this is another one that seems to work well.  It contains marine oil derived from green lipped mussels containing ETA aid, an omega 3 acid. I take 1 per day.  

Photo 2

I found it hard finding a decent pill case – the regular ones are far to small and some just fell apart they were so cheap. But unscrewing and picking out a ton of pills every day is not an option for me, so then I found these small storage boxes from Home Bargains – I LOVE this shop – for just 99p! The pack comes with FIVE of the case you see below, so it’s really quite amazing value and they are good quality boxes.  A good option for people who have a lot of pills to take:

Vitamins supplements

I am doing my best to remember to take my vitamins and I do notice a difference if I take them! 

Do you take any supplements?

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