My Current Dry Skincare Kit

It happened overnight. One day my skin was shiny like a…shiny thing, the next it was dry. And it got drier. And drier. Until it itched a lot and became red. Until people started asking me if I have eczema (I have a bit but not on my face).

Oily skin I can live with. Dry skin I can’t. So the last few weeks I have had to change my skincare to hydrating products and its working pretty well. My skin feels softer and plumper.

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Here are the products I’ve been using and would recommend for anyone who is finding that they have drier skin in the current climate.

1. Enriching Cleanser

moor enrinching cleanser.jpg

As much as I love my cleansing oil, I do find over use of it makes my skin dry. I switched to a cream cleanser which is more gentle on dry skins.

My favourite is from a company called Moor Spa and its very good for sensitive skins (their whole range is very nice if you are into organic skincare). It contains moor water and vitamin E.

£13.50 for 200ml here.

I rinse that off then use….

2. Shiseido Hydro-Nourishing Softner

shiseido the skincare hydro nourishing softner.jpg

Basically my toner step, although this is called a’softener’. Its a light clear gel which I like, non irritating too. I paid about £28 for this but I’ve seen it for £24.50 from Feel Unique here.

Then I use my day cream which is….

3. Creme De La Mer.

creme de la mer .jpg

I bought this for myself last Christmas and have been using it sparingly – I have the smallest one which is £90 for 30ml.

Some people hate it, some people love it. I really like it even though people always say that it is similar to Nivea in smell and texture! I just find that its great when your skin is stressed out and in need of TLC. Would I repurchase? Probably. It makes me cringe now thinking about paying so much money for a cream but if it works for you, it works for you.

You can buy it here.

4. RMK Recovery Gel

rmk recovery gel.jpg

I already reviewed this a few days ago but its basically been my savour and really healed up my dry skin, removing redness and rough flaky skin.

You can buy it here for £37.20 but its free throughout November 2009 on counters, if you spend £50.

As another treatment that I sometimes use with my day cream, I dab on a serum which is a very runny white serum.

5. Neal’s Yard Frankincense Rejuvenating Facial Serum

neals yard rejuvinating frankinscence.jpg

I don’t like the smell of this – its spicy and masculine, and yes, it does remind me a bit of a curry. Sorry. But nevertheless, my skin looks peachy good when I dab it on top of my moisturizer so its a keeper.

I didn’t realise Neal’s Yard is soooooo expensive until recently. This cost me £36.40 and you can buy it here.

6. NUDE Advanced Eye Cream

nude advanced eye complex.jpg

I got this eye cream a while ago – I am usually 99% too lazy to use an eye cream but this pump action bottle makes it easy.

They say:

Probiotics prime and protect while proven bioactive CoQ10, milk peptides and mountain ash smooth wrinkles, reduce puffiness and dark circles and deliver a dramatic lifting effect.

Gorgeous stuff this, but its £60! Nevertheless, it makes my skin feel softer and firmer, its totally non irritating (some eye creams make my eyes water) and just good for my uber dry skin.

You can buy it here.


This skincare routine isn’t for everyone but it really works well for me at the moment. I hate having dry skin, especially when it becomes sore and red so my no. 1 priority was restoring hydration to the skin.

The cold weather and heating/air conditioning I have at work does not help the condition of my skin!

Overall, the products I chose were based on how HYDRATING and SOOTHING they are and I can confirm all these products are great if you have sensitive, dry skin.

I am sure that after winter, my skin will change and I will have to switch again but for now this is perfect!

What are your skincare favourites for winter?

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  1. says

    Very informative post, thanks! Especially useful as my skin used to be genuinely combination/oily and has transformed into combination over the last year or so. That’s all very well as long as it stops now. *g*
    So if I find myself dry and flaky in a few months I’ll know where to read up on products.
    Right now my favourite moisturiser remains Clinique DDMG. I rarely need something heavier, but if I do I just use Nivea Soft for a night or two.

    • Row says

      Hey Cucumpear!

      Its amazing how much your skin can change – even now my skin is up and down so I have to find reliable products to use that will really get it in tip top condition before I get old!