My Crystal Beauty; Tweezers, Glass Nail and Foot Files Review!

I have a confession to make. I hate filing my nails.  I really hate it. I never do it.  I have the see-sawing action, I hate the scraping, the noise it makes.  

A while ago my cousin told me about the merits of using a crystal or glass nail file because they are incredibly good at filing and lasted forever.  She piqued my interest, so I was quite interested to see how I would get on with this selection of goodies from My Crystal Beauty, a company that specialises in beauty accessories, such as crystal nail files, foot files, tweezers and glass cuticle pushers.

My Crystal Beauty Tweezers Glass Nail and Foot Files Review

Some things I have learned about Crystal Glass nail products:

1. Crystal glass files are made from toughened safety glass – good quality ones will come with a lifetime warranty (like the ones from My Crystal Beauty) for the filing surface.  

2. The filing surface doesn’t wear off like with an traditional emery board and therefore last a long time.

3. Crystal files can be used with fake nails and gels and can be used wet to minimise damage. 

4. Crystal files can be washed with boiling water to sterilise (they are non porous) should you let someone else use it. 

5. In the case of the foot files, each side has varied roughness, coarse and a gentle buffer side depending on what you want.  

I have noticed that crystal files are the BEST thing to use if you use nail wraps (stickers) as they often need you to file off the excess…it is far easier when done with these rather than a traditional emery board.  


My Crystal Beauty Tweezers Glass Nail and Foot Files Review 2

My Crystal Beauty have a huge selection of designs and colours to choose from, from the classics (£4.50) to luxury (£9).  I chose this one with Swarovski crystals in my favourite colour – green!  The top is clear and the filing part looks frosted. It also comes in a velvet pouch for protection.

You know how filing nails goes right through me? Well the experience was far more pleasant with this pretty file – yes, it definitely still has that sort of grindy feeling – if it didn’t then it wouldn’t be filing anything – but it seems to work a lot quicker and effectively than a regular file.  In other words I got the shape I wanted fast without having to saw away at the nail.  

I reckon I will lose this before it loses it effectiveness! 

I was particularly interested in trying the foot file – my uncle uses a NAIL FILE to scrub his feet…I mean, he needs this glass foot file STAT. 

This is made from tampered glass and can be used wet or dry.  It comes in a selection of colours:

My Crystal Beauty Tweezers Glass Nail and Foot Files Review 3

It’s a hefty piece of kit!  Much heavier than expected, so it’s sturdy! 

I used this with my new foot spa and I really liked it. I am a big fan of using a file on my feet if I have time to and as hilarious as using the pedi pro inventions are (cheese graters for feet), I am not sure that they are good at preventing future hard skin and they’re almost TOO severe.  Clearly, we all need a bit of skin on my feet to protect them! 

I like this because it filed away dead skin quickly (I did soak my feet before) and effectively without being too aggressive as some foot files are. Once again it can be washed in boiling water which is more pleasant then tipping out dead skin out of one of those Pedi-Pros!

My Crystal Beauty Tweezers Glass Nail and Foot Files Review 4

These cost £13.40 – once again, I am more likely to break this or lose long before it becomes ineffective!

Finally, I tried their Eyebrow Tweezers in matching green!  

I can never have too many pairs of tweezers – I LOSE EVERY SINGLE PAIR I OWN EVENTUALLY! 

These are hand decorated and have a grip area (the green circle bit) which makes them easy to grip.  

My Crystal Beauty Tweezers Glass Nail and Foot Files Review 1

I am super fussy about tweezers and I have to say these are a pretty decent purchase.  What makes me hate a pair of tweezers are ones that just can’t grab hairs well and ones that are hard to hold.  

These tweezers are good to grip (especially if you like the larger area for the thumb and finger), and the tip which is stainless steel is sharp and meet together properly which means it also grips hair well. They are up there with Tweezermans – at £10.30 they are not a bad purchase at all.  

View the full range here at Crystal Beauty. I was thinking the  nail files would make some really lovely stocking fillers for the ladies in my family, especially as they are pretty and long lasting.  

Stay tuned, I have a giveaway later on today to win the foot files and nail files!

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