My conclusion on the Herbalife diet!

It’s only been 7 months, d’oh, but I’ve had a few requests to share my views on the Herbalife diet I attempted back in June 2010.

Needless to say, I’m not on the diet now but I do have some feedback on the range and whether it would be right for you or not, so I hope this helps!

The Herbalife diet basically consists of shakes and meal replacement bars and also lots of supplements, tablets, teas and aloe vera juice etc. all dependent on your individual needs. You have a normal meal in the evening.

Herbalife can’t be purchased on the high street and you need to look online for a consultant (near you ideally so they can come and weigh/measure you) and they also become your support. Prices will also vary depending on what packaging you take, but as with most diet plans with support it’s not that cheap, but it’s certainly not the most expensive plan out there.


I was sent a selection of shakes, bars and tablets to try. I stuck to it for about 5 weeks in the end but found it so hard…Here’s what I found.

I did lose weight. I was losing weight about 3 – 4lbs a week, so this diet totally works if you can stick to it, but I found it tricky for a few reasons.

1. Shake diets are not for me.

I have tried a few now, such as Herbalife, Celebrity Slim and Slim Fast. The milkshake is a good way to deliver vitamins and nutrients and mixing it with milk or water helps to fill you up – but I just personally can’t take that amount of dairy, it makes me feel ill.

I also found mixing the shakes up super dull and time consuming – not just with Herbalife, with all the shake diets.

However – if you don’t mind shake diets then Herbalife may be suitable for you.

2. The routine was quite complex

I am not one for too much strict routine with eating – I don’t mind having meals planned but when it’s one thing after the other I find it hard.

For example, my routine to begin with was having a shake or meal bar for breakfast, then 3 tablets (fiber, vitamins etc.) then a piece of fruit, then a Herbalife tea, repeated again at lunch time, then normal dinner followed by the 3 tablets again and the special tea. There’s also some time for small snacks.

Being at work I had to keep checking my clock to make sure things were spaced out and I really didn’t like taking 9 tablets a day that I wouldn’t normally be taking.

These were the main reasons why I didn’t last on the Herbalife diet. On the plus side, Herbalife offers a consultant who you can contact when you need help and will come and measure you and offer support.

The lady I had was wonderful but of course, these diets only work if you really want them to, not someone else.


Product overview:

I was sent so many products to try here’s a little overview – I have to say I liked ALL the shakes – they taste far better than Celebrity Slim (leaves a horrible after taste in my mouth) and Slim Fast (so sugary and artificial tasting).

The meal bars were HUGE – they really were like meals but a little sweet for my liking. I’d end up nibbling on it throughout the day!

They sent me a Aloe Vera concentrate, that you mix with water to help with digestion. It has been the BEST aloe vera product I have tried it tasted amazing and really helped with…you know…toilet issues. I haven’t found anything else that works so well yet.

I didn’t like the Thermojetics Tea at all. This stuff has lots of caffeine in it, and raises your metabolism. You only have 1/4 teaspoon per cup – I used half by accident once and my heart was thumping like mad – not nice. Also, it tastes pretty bad even though it’s supposed to be Green Tea & Fruit.


The Herbalife diet for the brief time I stuck to it, totally worked but it was too hard for me to stick to in the end. I think I need food I can chow down on.

If you are looking for a shake diet that is fairly strict but want a consultant to help you (it’s really useful, if you go our for dinner for example you can tell them and they can advise you on what to do the day after to ‘rectify’) then Herbalife could be for you.

*This was sent to me by PR to test

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  1. says

    my uncle runs a successful herbalife business (he put his stuffs at bridal shops, where new brides who wanna fit into their wedding dress will pick it up hehe) and i tried it for like 3 mths, only lunch
    i mix the shakes with fruit juices, coz i cant drink it by itself yuck powdery, so orange or apple juice have to go into it
    then i have my usual dinner
    does it work? my weight kinda mantain no matter how much i ate for dinner lol
    i guess if i ate less portion during dinner i could lose some weight
    but 3 whole months on shake for lunch? no more!

    xoxo elle