My Bag Reading by Debbie Percy, and Win how to win one for yourself!

I was offered a bag reading by Debbie Percy, a lady who offers handbag therapy – or readings by looking at the contents on your bag.

I did this on a random day and pulled out whatever was inside. Here were my contents:

Bag Reading by Debbie Percy


Emergency charger, phone, hairbrush, Radox hand sanitizer, make up bag (even though I never top up my make up, painkillers and settlers, a cream egg, a hair clip, my wallet, a little cashbook in my new attempt to save money, some pens, a moleskine notebook, a diary, a camera, a lipbalm, lipgloss and Elizabeth Arden SPF stick, cuticle oil, mini scissors and a facial spritz.

Despite the fact I have a lot of beauty items in there, I seriously do not top up my make up or redo my hair unless its an emergency.

Here is what Debbie had to say:
The first thing I see is a lady who is sympathetic but who does not like ‘weakness’! Is this a weakness you dislike in yourself, or in others? [Both – I hate feeling week and I hate others who cry about everything ]

It however does not seem to get in the way of you being able to empathise with others. Counselling, nursing those sorts of professions would suit you if you ever fancied a change!

You have a strength which is about the future, felt through your hopes and dreams. These matters may at times feel ethereal to you but actually having dreams and ideals will help you feel a sense of ‘in touch’ with the world and yourself.

You are a lady who enjoys men’s company and will be in a good place when you hang out with people who are like minded to yourself.

You need to keep going forward; to have a plan and to keep making decisions. Above all, don’t let yourself become a procrastinator it will drive you potty! [Too late!]

I get the sense from your bag that you are in need of some inspiration – perhaps your work requires that of you – look to the past, to things, places and people from your past who could inspire you in the present!

You seem to enjoy having a level of control over your life; things in their place, and you like there to be an ‘order’ to life and some orderliness. Yet, you are also prone to needing to tap into a sense of inner peace and tranquillity.

Ironically maybe that doesn’t come from order and organisation! Try not to keep too tight a grip on stuff – happiness for you will come from being around like minded people who are both smart and who make you laugh!

Finally I sense you are proud lady, confident and sociable, kind and loving. Make sure you don’t wrap that up so others don’t see it – I get the impression others will think you have good balance in your life (which you may have) but they may also find you at times to be a bit of a mystery! [Naturally!]. Great, when you want it and good to be able to turn it off too!

I REALLY enjoyed this bag reading – more than I expected and there are some truths in there. I liked that Debbie didn’t play on the fact I had a ton of beauty products in there and say the obvious ‘likes to look after herself’. Never thought about counselling as a career, but I do love to listen so maybe this should be my vocation!

Thanks Debbie!


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  1. Jen says

    jeez your bag contents are so neat and organised! My bags are full of rubbish and old till receipts, unused vouchers, etc…until I finally get round to going through everything and throwing it away, for some reason I don’t seem to be able to do this as I go along! I also seem to overpack my bags, they’re always shoulder-achingly heavy! Interesting stuff though :)