My 5 Favourite Work Friendly Eyeshadow Palettes

There was a time when I’d go to work with blue and green purple sparkly eyeshadow – what can I say, it can be dark in the mornings and it wasn’t until I checked myself out in the lift I realised how much I looked like a CRAZY PERSON.

The fact is I am very time short in the mornings and I do like a bit of eyeshadow, so I have decided to keep the brights tucked away during the week so that I am not tempted to do a ‘natural tropical look’ and keep the safe palettes within easy reach.

Here are 5 palettes which have been very handy these last few months!

Natural Work Safe Eye Make Up Dior Becca KATE

Actually there’s only 3 brands here; Becca, Dior and KATE.

Mind you that’s not to say I don’t mess about with colour sometimes like a bit of lavender…but I know this is just perfect for a no-fuss 5 minute look.  Actually, more like 2 minute.

The palettes – I seem to have a thing for brown-ash type shades as opposed to warm browns.

Becca Dior Work Safe Eyeshadow PalettesFrom left – right:

1. Becca Enigma Palette (swatches here). Limited Edition.

This palette is wonderful – really amazing for a work day eye.  Even though the colours don’t look like anything special, one of these colours with a bit of eyeliner is enough for a sophisticated eye. There is the finest shimmer in this.

2. Dior 2 Couleurs 775 Silver Look

This combination is so perfect on me – the matte side is a mushroom taupe shade, with no shimmer but it is super duper creamy. The shimmer only adds to the taupe creating something quite modern but natural and fresh at the same time. Love this one lots and am thinking about buying another one of these duos soon (the black and white combo!).

3.KATE Select Eyeshadow Palette 02 (Limited Edition)

Texture wise, this eyeshadow palette sucks, because it’s not that pigmented but for a natural eye, it works! It means the greys are not too strong and it gives a bit more oomph without being over the top.  I also have the brown version of this, I prefer this grey smoky combo.

4. KATE CQ Palette BR-2

Another Kate palette from the Cristallize Quartz range – very soft textured, and quite a warm toned brown for a soft look.

5. Dior 5 Couleurs 080 Basic Chic (A really old palette)

This is like, Dior vintage almost and I remember hunting it down on eBay because people raved about it.

It is SUCH an amazing palette – Dior palettes are generally excellent anyway but this is such a nice combo, VERY pigmented with soft neutrals that have the slightest sheen to them. The darkest reddish brown scares me though! But it’s great if you can still find it.

That’s my current go to work day palettes.

What are yours?

*All palettes were purchased by me

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  1. Jen says

    hahaha…I’ve done the same…put makeup on in less than optimum light conditions, turn up at work and realise the mess that is my face…eeeek!!

    my go-to palette has to be the Urban Decay Naked palette, it never fails me 😀 If I have a bit more time to mess about, Benefit creaseless cream eyeshadows in Birthday suit and Skinny Jeans combo

    • Row says


      Oooh yes that is a fab palette but I don’t like it because…it’s too long!!hehe. I also love those creaseless creams!

  2. says

    yeah i love dior palettes too! i havent try any becca yet >.<
    i also recently did a neutral palette review

    xoxo elle