Must Study Harder!: Tisserand Concentrate Roll On Remedy

If there’s one thing I am lacking these days its concentr

The thing is, essential oils have been used for years for ‘feel good’ therapy. Do you use essential oils? I use a lot of products that just happen to include essential oils and when I smell one that I do like, it makes me feel happy. I think.

Tisserand has a range of roll-on remedies made of essential oils. I got Concentrate cos remember – I can’t.

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They say:

In a bases of organic jojoba, the roller ball contains a handmade essential oil blend that includes:

* invigorating organic rosemary oil
* energising organic graefruit oil
* boosting ethically harvested coriander oil

The ingredients list is looks good:

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The scent is musky, quite masculine, savoury and not at all sweet. Its not a purfume type smell – this isn’t a scent after all but actually, I do feel quite clear headed and refreshed. Its a wake up kind of smell – it perked me up – its unusual but I like it.

I can’t say that it will work for you or that there’s any science behind it but it is indeed living in my bag, and I have been using it when my head is all over the place (which is often).

Buy it here for £4.40.

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