Must do better!

I am behind on replying to comments, posting and sorting out the new layout of this blog!  I was thinking a gallery section, one with looks and tutorials, one with swatches.  I love swatches.  I’ve realised I always want some obcure item, and if only there was a swatch somewhere I could decide whether to buy it or not.

I have my excuses for being behind though – a sore hand, tons of project work to do, a messy flat, and just the general backlog from lazing about over Christmas.

Competition winners, I have your emails, thankyou, just not had a chance to reply, and as mentioned before I will send everything out at the same time once the winners are all announced.  I didn’t realise so many people from around the world were reading, so thankyou!

Lots of new hauls to report on as well as the return of the Screw You! series for 2009.  It may be a new year, but there is still plenty to complain about!

Love, Me!

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